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Monday, September 27, 2004

Playin' it safe

While the link in the previous post is good, allow me to summarize based on my personal experience. Topics to avoid when speaking with your pregnant wife:

1. Her weight
2. Anybody's weight
3. How good beer tastes
4. How good that second cup of coffee is
5. Lingerie

Although I still think that a really cool Halloween costume would be to wear a pair of fake crossed legs around her waist and dress as Buddha (I know I'll pay for that but dammit, when an idea is good sometimes one has to bear the consequences).

Yes, I referred to Mama T as my wife. No, we have not been joined in matrimony by some irrelevant, dogmatic religion or some governing, hierarchal authority. The fact that I love her and I am devoted to her for the rest of our lives makes us husband and wife. And according to her neo-pagan, tribalistic (or is that neo-tribal, paganistic) ways, we already are!


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