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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Thanks Auntie Amber!!!

Auntie Amber is up from Calgary and spent the day at Chez Crazy yesterday. There were many things that we could have done, but did nothing instead. She had asked me to provide a list of chores for her to do, but meh. Chores...blech.
She brought the kewlest baby treats ever: a Gymini Deluxe!! we never expected anyone to be crazy enough to source out and buy one of those. If my gut wasn't the size of the Epcot Centre, I would be happily playing in it right now! It crinkles and has dangling toys and everything! The cats were impressed as well.
She also brought the Best Hat Ever. Its looks like Scooter. A reversible hat, at that! You can turn it inside out and have a yellow pipsqueak mouse hat too!! If only my melon was a little bit smaller, it would fit!
Then the books. 2 high contrast black/white/red Emily the Strange books...featuring child-friendly passages such as "Emily may be odd...but she always gets even" and "Emily hears everything...and listens to nothing." - Books are signed by the illustrator, so baby will have a strict No Drool, No Chew, No Tear policy when it comes to these two volumes...

Auntie Amber spoils Moms and Babies alike...and thats not even why we love her!!


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