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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Life on the Edge

We made it to Whyte to meet Kristeen and Saoirse after all! The weather was crap, but we did it anyway. There's always the Varscona lobby to play in when you get tired of the rain. We wandered, and wandered, and wandered. It was great. I want to eat Saoirse in two bites, she's just too cute. And empathetically so! Whenever Mika made a mew or cried, Saoirse would start too. I felt bad that Kris' feet were wet...I'll have to remember to pack extra socks next time! Again, we had a fantastic time and are quite thankful for our new friends. While its easy to find kewl people online, real life is often full of twits. Nice to find someone online that easily transfers to real life too!
We made it back home just as Daddy did and it was off to the clinic for Mika's immunization appointment. She handled it all well...just a bit of screaming and crying after the needles, but was easily distracted by a mobile. Mika was entertained watching the slightly older kids toddle about and play at the clinic while we waited for 15 minutes to elapse after the shots. Mika kicked and squealed and giggled and seemingly can't wait until she is running around causing chaos as well. Mika's sleep was a little off, but that was the only side effect of the needles. Phew!
The weekend has been busy too. Kerry and Damon came over, we visited G and Nana, went out to Alcomdale to see the Gates family, and other assorted mayhem. Today we're dropping Mika off at Nana's after a visit to G. We're working out a trade system with K&D: Damon helps Danny replace some rotted 2x4's in the bathroom and we fix their computer, upgrade as we can, and give a few lessons on whatever they want. Or money...whatever works. We're going to head over there today and see what can be done. Tomorrow I have to go to work when Daddy gets home as time is quickly running out for this project and we don't even have the drives formatted, let alone the OS installed and everything else. Time to get my butt in gear. Good thing I work well under pressure.


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