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Friday, August 26, 2005

These Days

Wednesday, Wednesday...what did we do on Wednesday? I think we wandered about in the rain because Mika was itching to get out and I was with her on that one. Later, Mika and Daddy took me to work for a while. They read news and chatted to Sheryl, the lady who cleans our offices, while I did mindless window config stuff.
Yesterday we had a treat of a day...we went to Whyte and met jenB and her freakishly cute daughter, Charlotte! Char is such a sweet little thing...it was hard not to steal her. AND she gave up one of her giggly smiles to me! I can die happy. We saw many cute things that the babies need...especially at Gravity..but hottopic online still has the best shoes..checkered baby vans! Of all the shirts and onesies that I could hear calling Char's name, none of them really shouted loud enough. I think Char needs a Paul Frank sock monkey doll. Be patient, Char...I'll find one! Jen kindly gave Mika the jolly jumper that Char has long since outgrown..Mika can now die happy too. Seriously..she loves the thing. Thanks again Jen! Jen, like her daughter, looks even better in person. She's hot. Her butt rocks. Can I say that about a woman I just met? I suppose so. Sorry Mom!
Jen gave us and all of our gear a ride over to see G afterwards. It's amazing how much was crammed into her car!
Of course, I was all freaky and nervous about things as I often am when I meet people for the first time. I think Jen and I need to leave the kids with their Dads for an evening and have that pitcher of margaritas that she mentioned...nothing like tequila to calm your nerves. Jen rules anyway though.
Today Mika and I are off to the market to get supplies for tomorrow's dinner. Daddy is going to BBQ up a feast as part of our "Thanks for fixing our plumbing disaster and subsequent rot" to Damon and Kerry. We have to run over to G's and have a quick visit when Daddy gets home from work and then off to Ikea to get some laminate hardwood for our closet floor. I'd like to do the whole room, but there just isn't time or space for that this weekend. Tomorrow will be some kind of mayhem. As will Sunday. Jeebus help me.


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