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Monday, August 29, 2005

You Can't Bring Me Down!

Gah! The madness. Saturday morning came far too early. Daddy dropped Mika off at Nana's and we prepared to start our day. Kerry and Damon came by in the afternoon and the work started in earnest. Damon is king of home repairs. I am queen of legacy hardware upgrades. Kerry and Daddy are cool too...:P While Damon fixed our walls, I fixed/upgraded systems. Frankensteined K&D's two systems into one and got my aunts almost finished. BUT..when I plugged the Mac back in...no worky! My bro thinks its just the CMOS battery and I hope he is right. Waiting to hear back from Westworld on the cost of a replacement. When it does boot, its slow and has kernel panics. Mika was up late on saturday night. Daddy picked her up from Nana's at around 10PM and she was up until about 11PM. We woke Sunday to a snot filled baby. Mika seems to have a sinus infection, allergy, or perhaps cold w/o fever. Her nose is seriously running, but that seems to be the only problem. It could be something that she picked up or it could be a reaction to grass or dust. All I know is that my Sunday consisted of mostly trying to keep Mika happy despite her grumpiness. I was supposed to hit the office and get some work done, but it just didn't happen. I wasn't feeling great either. Damon came back over for awhile to continue mudding, but didn't even stay for supper. Oh, and my internet connection was whacked for most of the weekend too. It sucked. It's like my life demands balance. Getting the walls fixed and stuff was too much goodness, so my Mac crapped out and the internet died and Mika took ill. Ugh. Even with all the lameness, it was still an awesome weekend and we thank Damon and Kerry HUGE for everything that was done.
Today was kewl too. Auntie Amber brought Uncle Dave over to meet Mika and me. Dave has our official stamp of approval because he rox. With an 'x'. Amber will not stop spoiling Mika. She brought treats including Mika's first Converse high tops (!), black AA onesie, red AA baby sweats, and the kewlest Paul Frank monkey skull and crossbones tshirt evah. We all spent the day at the mall and even though she was snotty and groggy, Mika seemed to have a blast. No one can shop quite like Auntie Amber can and Mika was taking it all in to torture me with later in life.

Both the weekend events and today's outing deserve a much better post than this, but I am feeling sickly and weak and tired. Excuses. Lame.

Mika said 'dada' tonight! She knows two words! I'm sure that she hasn't really made the connection, but we're working on it!

Amber: please take and send a photo of you and Dave in the matching trainers! :P


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