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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mika hasn't been crying about daycare at all this week. Tear free drop offs! Daddy forgot formula this morning and had to make a quick run back. When he returned 15 mins later, he peeked in at Mika and she was seated at a table with her little boyfriend Sam having a tea party of sorts. Sam looked up at Daddy and grinned while Mika just have him the curious "What the deuce?" look. He left. All was well. Yesterday's observance was a little less cute. At pickup time, Daddy peeked in to see two clusters of kids together while Mika sat off to the side alone and perfectly content. He said that all the kids seemed to be more or less focused on the teacher anyway. Still. Maybe it's genetic or something - the loner thing.
I had no clue that the parents of children Mika's age did the whole valentine card xchange, yet she arrived at the office to pick me up with her little yarn-handled paper bag full of valentines! It would appear that they gave Mika a green felt pen and let her go wild decorating said bag too. (I'm impressed that I didn't see a trace of marker on her person whatsoever.) On one side, it looks like maybe a rodent of some sort, but pikachu style or maybe it is, in fact, some hearts. The artist isn't willing to talk about the piece. She simply grins and shoves it in your face or raises it in the air triumphantly. In any case, it's a pleasant milestone of sorts - Mika bringing home her first arts and crafts project. Though it happened earlier than I would have expected if I had ever given any thought to it before today...:)
In talking about the whole valentine card thing to Daddy, he said he may have seen something of a list of kids' names available to parents, but paid no attention to it. I hope we haven't committed some kind of daycare faux pas, but seriously! Shouldn't she at least be able to recognize or identify or maybe even print letters of the alphabet and maybe copy names (with help, of course) before she's handing out valentine cards? Meh. Ignorance of daycare etiquette is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. GruntRantRoar.
(Yeah, I counted. She got 15 valentines!)


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