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Friday, August 04, 2006

I want my daddy!

I was picking up Mika from the daycare on Wednesday. The staff there were all excited. Earlier that morning Mika was sitting in her high chair. Then, plain as day, clear as you could ever expect an english speaker to speak, Mika announced "I want my daddy!"

To my knowledge, this is her first full sentence. I'm certain they could see my smile from the moon when I found out!

Alright now, Mika, sprechen Sie Deutsches?


Anonymous Ashish Mehta said...

Does that not feel nice when daughters learn to say PAPA before they do MAMA? :)

Both my twin daughters (a little younger than Mika, born on 18th May 2005) have learnt to say papa first and fight to sit on my lap.

Mika is a very cute baby. Wish her all the best in life.


Ashish Mehta
Mumbai, India.

10:31 PM  

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