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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy 11-Month Birthday, Declan!

This month was all about mobility. Declan is a force to be reckoned with for sure. He's walking more and more now in his weebly-wobbly way - it's adorable. Dex loves to clap along with music and dance. His latest obsession is putting things on his head and walking around. Current fave items to wear as hats are dirty socks and teatowels. The kids love playing in the dirty laundry. Ugh.
We logged two days of daycare last week. Not full days and I only left the room for 10 mins max - enough for him to have a complete and total breakdown. Next week he's going to be doing half days all by himself. Send "It's OK, Declan" vibes. And some for me too.
Declan still talks up a storm and is trying new words all the time. He now says Dora. Lovely. We have Mika to thank for that one.
I have no idea what the guy weighs now - a lot would be my guess. He starting to outgrow some of his 12-18M clothes and fits his 24M Oilers sweatsuit just fine. Carrying him in the front position in the Beco is harsh after about 20 mins. Poor guy - he has to be broken of the Beco front position AND get used to daycare at the same time. Everything in 3's, I've been thinking about trying to move him into a crib or bed again too.
The next month will be a heartbreaker for me as he gets used to his new circumstances and turns 1!

On a lighter note, Ava turns 5 tomorrow! 5!! We're off to her gymnastics club for her birthday party today...


Blogger Gramps said...

sounds like he is not going without a fight.......good luck.

12:15 AM  

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