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Monday, April 20, 2009

good times

So...cooking class was a bit of a bust. Mika was too scared to go in by herself. Her cousin was late and that threw her off because she expected to walk in with him. I had to stay with Mika for the entire 2 hour class. It was a challenge to say the least: keeping her from crying and breaking down while encouraging or helping her participate as I held Declan and tried to keep him out of trouble. Ever tried to hold back a freakishly strong and determined two year old boy while a group of kids runs around playing and singing and dancing? Yeah. Not so fun. Mika assures me that she will go by herself and have fun this week. She's bringing one of her webkinz (stuffy) with her for support. Otherwise, it's a great class and the kids are all kinds of wonderful - I think once she gets into it, Mika will have a blast.
Saturday was Mika's second last dance class. She was excited to go and show off her Pirate-ized leotard. As soon as we got to the door, she lost it. Tears aflowing and claims of being too scared to go in. She ended up going in (the teacher almost had to drag her). I figured Mika would be back out within minutes. After about 10, I peeked in the room to see how she was doing. The teacher was leading Mika by the hand going over their entrance and exit moves, so I thought all was well. At the end of class, the wee ballerinas exploded out of the room - all except mine. The teacher led a very angry looking Mika out of the room and said "She refused to dance all class". Lovely.
In other news, we had a fun and windy Saturday afternoon at Hawrelak Park with Wayne and Lauren and their two kids, Jackson and Sophia. Sammi came down to meet us as well and Mika proposed marriage: "Sammi? Do you want to marry together?" His response was something like "I don't know."
We dropped the kids at Nana's on Sunday and had a grand walk up and down Whyte ave. Much needed respite.

...and the kids are fighting. This referee has to run...


Blogger Gramps said...

too bad you don't have 3 hands because it would seem that your existing 2 are somewhat full.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Kristeen said...

So Sammi and Danny have met?

9:26 PM  

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