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Friday, February 17, 2012


Oh hi! Uh...we had a lovely Christmas, new year, and Chinese new year, thanks for asking.
Santa brought the Mika her coveted Chemistry Set and Declan his Shaving Kit. Kids grow up so fast these days, eh? Declan turned 5 on Feb 6th and is loving his new Big Kid status. It's weird how he seemed to mature a bit literally overnight. So it goes! He had an awesome party at his gymnastics club with 6 of his fave peeps: Mika, Brighid, Garrett, Conner, Niko, and Payton. Now his focus is back on his hockey tournament in March. Declan has yet to play a real game yet and is super psyched to face the Whitemud team.
Mika turns 7 tomorrow. GAH!!! We brought popcorn for all the kids in her class this morning and she's having a wild 18 kid party tomorrow. One of the things Mika loves to do is challenge herself, especially when it comes to her age. She likes to complete some task or learn something new before her birthday. Yesterday, she wrote her first-ever 100 word essay. Yay Mika! The essay is in mandarin or I would share it here as well. I'll have to take a photo of it or something - haha! Happy Birthday Mika! <3


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