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Thursday, October 21, 2004


Over three months to go still and already I have experienced the joy of swollen feet and legs. Its pretty disgusting. I really hate it. Today is a Good Day because my rings fit.
Of course, I have been told a kajillion horror stories about it all too. Shoes not fitting, mandatory bedrest for the last 2 months of the pregnancy, feet never going back to normal, etc.
I just have to remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and watch my salt intake. Of course, I love salt. Love it so much that I got jealous of my hamster who had her own salt lick wheel! Yeah, yeah, I know..salt/sodium are Bad period. High blood pressure, etc. etc.

Still...I am not sure how much healthy stuff my abused body can take. I have it quite accustomed to operating on sheer garbage.

Now instead of Doritos (mmmm...Doritos), I get cucumber slices without salt! Instead of a caramilk bar (mmmm...chocolate), I get watermelon. Nothing against cukes and watermelon, but when your body is used to Doritos and chocolate, it takes some getting used to.


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