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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thanks Auntie Amber and Baba!

Auntie Amber was in from Calgary this weekend. She brought some denim overalls, a black "I'm the baby your Mom warned you about" t-shirt, a polar fleece teddybear suit, and the bestest kitty pajamas. PJ's have both orange and black cats on them and the word "hissss". Thanks Auntie Amber!

I'll soon know if my mother reads this blog. If she does, I am anticipating a negative reaction to me referring to her as "Baba"
Thanks to Baba for some froggy bibs, froggy washcloths, and cute wee white baby socks with paw shaped grippies on the bottom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Find out where she keeps the babuska

5:38 AM  

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