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Friday, December 17, 2004

Bedrest @ Xmas

I went to the doctor for my routine checkup last Thursday and she freaked about my rapid weight gain, swelling/puffiness, and high blood pressure. I was put on mandatory bedrest until the following Monday. She forbid any and all activity. No company xmas party, no xmas shopping (none had been done yet), no nothing. I ended up going over to the Sherman's anyway as that was damn close to bedrest. One end of their sectional couch is like a chaise-lounge thing, so I plopped myself down and didn't really move for the entire visit. I just gently advised them as they decorated their massive xmas tree while Serena, Shawndee, Mom, and Danny tended to my each and every need.
My doctor *thought* she had told me to remain on bedrest until this past Thursday when I went back to be checked again. She hadn't. I'm not lying either. In retrospect, I wonder if life would have been better or worse had she made that order. We had a massive server failure that resulted in the loss of two days worth of data. (1 out of 4 drives failed in the Raid5..the failure caused the firmware on the smartarray 6400 to behave strangely and report more drives as failed, which resulted in the loss of the total volume. Was able to recover a test file from backups in the morning, but then by the time the volume was rebuilt, the backup tape decided it hated me and would not allow any data to be recovered from it. Ugh...) Spent appx. 14 hours rebuilding and recovering...
I actually mentioned this fiasco to my doctor yesterday. I am not sure why I did, but I did...I guess just to show her that even when work is as stressful as it can possibly be, I can take it. As long as Danny comes to rescue me at some point, at least. Which he did as he is far too good to me...
Her response was "Didn't I tell you not to go to work until we had some test results in?" to which I honestly replied "Nope! You said the weekend. This happened on Monday."
Anyway, my blood pressure is down a bit, I lost a few pounds, and the doctor seems much happier with me.
The lab forgot to run the required d-dimer test last time, so I had it done yesterday. The results should be in to the doctor today or Monday. Negative result means I can carry on as I have been and, assuming no other complications, can work until Jan 14/05.
If the result is positive, I will be pulled from work immediately, put back on mandatory bedrest, and will be induced at 36 weeks.
Needless to say, I want a negative result. I *need* a negative result or will be begging for mortgage money from my bed...via webcam or something...hmm...oh, the possibilities!


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