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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yay Drugs

I know I said that I would get into the Xmas Thank You's and wishing people Happy New Year and all that, but life is getting hectic again!

Had another Dr.'s appt. yesterday. She told me that I have mild toxemia and have to be on meds for blood pressure for the next couple of weeks.

I see Dr. Hodges, the delivery doctor, on Monday for a follow up. As long as things have not gotten any worse, I will be allowed to work until January 14th, 2005. If things are worse, I get pulled onto bedrest immediately and they will more than likely induce labour or perform a c-section shortly after Jan 12th....joy.

The good part is that as far as the doctors can tell, the baby is doing fine...happily poisoning his/her mother and growing fat.


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