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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Mika!

My bright and beautiful little baby girl is growing up too fast. Mika slept through until shortly after 7 this morning. What's up with that? It's madness! Sheer and utter madness! Mika is currently napping as I wait to hear from Kris as to whether we'll still be meeting today. Rain and wind can often make for less than pleasurable whyte ave walks. Then again, they can also make for pleasurable walks as there won't be as many people out. Mika goes for round 3 of her immunizations tonight. I hate taking her, but am too paranoid and dominated by murphy's law to not get her shots. Thankfully, Daddy always holds her for the needles. I am such a wuss.
Must make formula, fold diapers, throw Mika's laundry in the dryer, shower, pick up toys, etc. etc. - The usual routine!

Mika...I promise that we'll do something fun for your 6 month birthday, just maybe not today.


Anonymous Dean said...

Wow.....six months!!
I wish I was there to watch her grow.

8:44 AM  

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