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Monday, October 31, 2005


Yay! Happy Halloween, y'all! My little soft-shell turtle is ready to go out tonight scaring off the neighbors. We might head downtown this afternoon and harass some office dwelling folks, but have yet to decide.
I know I keep saying this, but Mika is seriously close to crawling now. She seems to prefer standing and walking (with help), so maybe will pass over the crawling thing entirely. Her little knees are just red with eczema everytime she spends more than 20 minutes trying to crawl.
Mika is a bone fide jolly jumper addict. She was fussing all morning and nothing would do, until she saw me drag the jumper frame into the living room. Now she's happily moshing away. Mika is tired and should be napping, but must jump. She starts freaking out before she's even strapped in, which makes it even more difficult to get her set up.
We keep trying to grow Mika's interest in music. In addition to playing her hand drum this weekend, she tried recorder and keyboard as well. My great-granny gave me her old casio keyboard. It's handy because it runs on batteries so we can put it anywhere that Mika sits. Daddy was playing guitar for her again the other morning while I slept. Not sure how that went over, I just noticed the guitar case out when I got up. :)


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