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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Running To Stand Still

Mika still can't stand on her own, but she now wants to run everywhere, not just walk. My back is taking a serious beating as she insists on holding on to my fingers and running with all of her might. All of the time. Of course, she wants to stop periodically to rip books from the shelves and fling them about. Weird thing is that she always goes for Douglas Coupland's Microserfs. Daddy figures it's because of the pretty colours on the spine. In any case, it's time for her to learn balance, so I think I'll start standing her up and letting her go and see how that works. Yes, yes, of course I'll catch her. I'm hoping that her knowledge of the havoc that she can wreak once she figures out this balance thing will serve as motivation. As always, she will probably find a way to foil my attempts...
We've taken a few chilly strolls as of late just so that I can stand upright and have her somehow contained and relatively content. Getting her into the winter strolling gear went from bad to OK back to bad as I upgraded her to warmer clothing. Mika hates the cold. She wants nothing to do with the snow. The cats are totally with her on these too. Spart has been quite whiney and needy since the cold and snow came. Scooter is, well, Scooter.


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