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Monday, May 22, 2006


A mad weekend around here. Took Friday off, but sent Mika to daycare. Kerry and Damon came over and we tore apart the upstairs bathroom. Went out to get the replacement supplies, came back, and Damon started working. Kerry and I hauled 3x our weight in friggin tile and old drywall. Damon discovered a bit more black mold and we quickly contained and removed that. Some leftover from Bathroom Hell Part 1 that we had Damon over to fix a few months back.
Saturday was more early morning madness..we told K&D 8:30, but thankfully they were about 20 mins late as we all slept in around here until around 8:45 or so. Damon worked and worked again, then we sent the boys out shopping. They returned with 4 ceiling fans (two here, two for K&D's), lawnmower and a mulching blade for K&D, cordless weed trimmer for me (so I can give my monster size one to them as its overkill for my square foot of grass), and sandals for Daddy. Shop o'rama...but everything was so seemingly inexpensive. $24.99 for a ceiling fan w/ light? Done! $29.99 for cordless trimmer?? Done! If that wasn't enough, once the boys returned, we headed over to the Zoo for the afternoon. As decrepit as the Edmonton Zoo is, we still had an awesome time of it. You have to go in with the right attitude. If you want to be wowed, drive to Calgary. Anyway, we had plans to meet Saoirse, Kris, and Rob at the gate and the timing of it all was perfect. Mika and Saoirse seemed to have a blast. Mika demanded to walk without holding anyone's hand and had a couple of bails. She *loved* the petting zoo. Mika can't read yet, so she was blissfully unaware that chasing the animals is not allowed. Sorry to the hens 'bout that. I was mouthing off about how the petting zoo animals looked so mangey when I felt a slight tugging behind me..there was a sheep biting my butt. Should have listened to my Mom when she said "if you can't say anything nice...". The sheep are not so forgiving. Mika liked the big ugly sheep though. She loved the lamb and the goats and anything else that didn't run away from her. Kerry hasn't been to the Zoo since she was a kid...and it was all still the same. Freaky, that. The red pandas were being shy. Lame. Mika had her first taste of cotton candy..that was a lovely mess. Saoirse was feeding her share to her Daddy and being cute while mine was applying food colouring based tribal war paint on her face. After the Zoo, we went home to refuel and Damon worked a bit more. Then it was off to toysrus. We broke down and bought a baby gate. Mika is too quick with the stairs and can already be up the first flight when you notice that its too quiet and peek out of the kitchen. The best part of the baby gate is watching the cats find their way around it.
Sunday was more of the same around here. Bathroom construction, fan installs, etc. Mika went and visited her Grandma for the day while her condo was under construction. They both survived well, Mika better than Grandma whose back is not conditioned for Toddler Entertainment. The Penguin Puppet show that Mika demanded of Grandma almost killed her, I think. Kerry didn't come over with Damon as she had her own work to do at home...but
We see them again today! Daddy is finishing up the painting (Tangerine Dream from Totem. More orange! Yay!) in the bathroom and Damon is dropping by later to finish up the caulking. It's 10:05Am and Mika is not up for the day yet. She went to bed at 9PM last night, so I guess this is normal. Once she's up and fed, we're off to visit G, grab a few supplies, and heading back home to meet up with K&D. Once Damon is done with the bathroom, we're all heading over to Saoirse's place for a BBQ. Whee!

I just want to shower. Mika needs a bath. The end is in sight, thank Jeebus.


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