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Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Declan!

w00t! It's the boyo's big day - he made it to two! As I type this, he's trying to keep his sister from stealing his juice cup. She offers no mercy for birthdays.

Declan still won't say 'Mika' and insists on calling his sister 'Dora', but he has progressed from saying 'wockey' to 'haw-key' in the last day or so.

He's got his colours down and is working on counting.

Declan is about 1000 times more cuddly and affectionate than his sister and gives me about 50 bear hugs and wet kisses per day.

He's very determined and doesn't let anything get in the way of what he wants - this will be great when he's in University. Not so great when you're trying to clear ice off the sidewalks and he wants to go skating at the park instead.

Declan would make a helluva hurler, but is stuck on hockey and is learning to drop pass with Daddy.

Declan loves Elmo, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and Stitch from the Lilo and Stitch series.

He has a little pink kitty blanket that he loves and carries around all day. It matches his sister's most prized gritty kitty.

Declan loves to play Hide and Seek, but you have to be quick about hiding. His counting consists of the following "two, three, two, ready or not I come"

Declan insists that he be powdered at every diaper change. We're down to two diapers this morning, so we're starting potty training. Birthday's can't be ALL fun. Mika got him a pack of pullup training diapers for xmas that she's been anxiously awaiting him to use. She wants him to be a big boy.

Declan lists the people and things that he loves before going to sleep each night. Usually it's Daddy, Dora (Mika), Eee (Sheena), BiddaBed (Elisabeth), Jack, Mama, Nana, Baba, Grandpa, Grandpa Ted, and hockey.

Declan often refuses to wear pants. Quite often.

Declan is difficult to understand and may need speech therapy at some point. Maybe not though.

He loves to gargle and drink bath water. We try to dissuade him.

Declan insists on brushing his teeth after eating.

He loves to imitate.

He loves with all his heart and is loved by many hearts.

He's the sweetest and wildest little dude I know - Happy Birthday Declan!

Update: Despite the snow falling, we made it out for a skate before a slightly later-than-usual lunch and both kids went down easily for a snooze. Cake and presents to follow...


Blogger Lynanne said...

Happy birthday little man! Loved the update, btw. It's been so fun to read about how much he's grown these past 2 years.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Harlequin said...

Awww happy birthday little dude!
Now go put on some pants lol!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Kristeen said...

Happy Birthday Decky-doo! We love you very much!!!

The Blonde Trio

10:21 AM  
Blogger Gramps said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy.
Don't worry about pants...they are over-rated anyways.

12:40 PM  

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