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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I love that my child is more successful at 6 than I feel I am (or have ever been!) at 36. Mika recently placed third in her class for the school's Chinese Speech Contest. She went on to the Provincial Chinese Bridge competition on May 14, 2011 where she competed in three categories: written exam on Chinese culture and knowledge of China, speech, and talent. There were some seriously talented kids there. Mika was in the Division One category, grades one through three. She came away with the medal for Most Popular in her division and we couldn't be more proud of her. The kid blows my mind. It was a great event. The kids loved having a pizza lunch together at the event. I thought it was cool to see Mika and her friends playing on the stage of the school that I attended in elementary. Mika's friend Isaac also came away with an award for Most Promising. They were the only two from Dovercourt School who walked away with medals.

Soccer season is upon us. I'm helping coach Declan's U4 team this year. 14 kids 4 and under. Send vodka this way every Wednesday please. Declan's been having a lot of fun, he has a couple of friends on the team. This is Mika's third year of soccer and the first that we have other local kids on the team who are in the Mandarin program.


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