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Monday, March 11, 2013

Another year of parties done!

Mika had her 8th birthday party this past weekend at the community hall. We had about 20 kids present. The afternoon started with a screening of Brave, followed by supper. After the kids ate, we played some archery games. We hung hula hoops from the ceiling beams and the kids tried to shoot arrows through them. A few kids learned the Scottische with Mika. After the games, we sat back down for cake, ice cream, and cookies. 4 hours went by in a flash. A few kids said it was the best party they had ever been to - I think it was probably more like the first party these particular kids attended where the hostess provided personalized weaponry! Nana made quivers for all the kids' bows and arrows that they took home - they also took their reusable popcorn cup, a glow sword, and a wisp-pop (Tootsie Pop covered with blue tissue makes a heckuva will-o-the-wisp!)

Thanks to everyone who came out and made Mika's party memorable!


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