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Friday, February 25, 2005

1 Week Old!

Mika is one week old today. Her Daddy and I have managed to make it this far without hurting or maiming the child in any way...yay us! Can't say the same for her as she has made one of my nipples bleed...ah well.

We can't believe its been a week already...Next thing I know, she'll be wanting to borrow the car...

Her latest trick is peeing when we take her diaper off. Its great. Mika has started to eat like mad, which is good. She's doubled her usual intake. I hope this is a good thing. We'll know for sure how things are going on Monday when she sees the Doctor.

We're going back to the clinic again today as the latching went from bad to good to bad again. I'll get Mika to latch well, but she immediately breaks it and latches herself onto just the nipple alone, shakes her head back and forth like a dog, and then starts suckling. I cannot even describe how much it hurts. She did latch well at 6 this morning, but thats the only time in close to 24 hours. Even when she's a little drowsy, she'll wake right up to flail as I try to feed her. It doesn't seem to matter whether she's calm or already crying for food (we're being as proactive as possible so that she doesn;t have to resort to crying to be fed)
I hate giving her formula, but the kid needs to eat. The other challenge with feeding Mika is that she moves and squirms constantly. Its very difficult to get her into a good feeding position due to her flailing. She wants to do things herself already. Tries to hold the boob or bottle. Will only stay latched if she is allowed to do so without me helping. Are babies supposed to have such personality at this age?
Then again, my mom often tells me how, uh, charming I was as a kid too. Something about refusing to smile unless my brother sang to me...screaming 'No!' and having "I can do it myself" as my first sentence...hrm..Mommy's Little Monster...time to head to Hot Topic online and order some Social Distortion shirts for Mika.


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