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Monday, February 21, 2005

First Full Day @ Home

We lived!

i did my first washload of dirty diapers today..

other 'firsts' that happened today:

  • woke to hardened boobs..that was really fun
  • pumped milk
  • had staples and stitches removed from my gut in my very own bed
  • was puked on
  • bathed baby

Mika is currently a "cluster feeder". She eats one to two ounces at a time every hour or two. Ideally, she'd be spending more like 20 mins to an hour per teat, but prefers 5-10 minute stints. The nurses had trouble helping me with Mika's latching, so one nipple is a sore bloody mess..the other one is just sore. I haven't noticed much blood getting into her milk though. The nipple shield helps, but it still hurts like mad. I'm a little concerned about her taking bottles, but its harder than I thought to just nurse exclusively. She had some formula at the hospital. They sent some home with us and Daddy used it last night so that I could stay asleep for awhile. I also feed her what I pump because I want her to get the good fatty milk, but now I notice that she is getting lazy and doesn't want to nurse due to the effort that it requires to get it going. We'll stick with it though and hopefully once the bloody nipple heals, we'll have the nurse over again to try and get Mika to latch well so that the shield isn't required.

(I realize that no one wants to know this kind of stuff, but this is my journal and I can post what I want to. I need to remember these things in case I start thinking that I want more than one kid.)

Mika pooped and it went from her neck to her feet. Leaked out of the diaper, soaked through her PJ's and the change pad that she was sleeping on in her bassinette. We were warned about such things...even to the point where we were told it would happen at 3AM or so, which it did.

Gut wound is healing well, but one staple and one stitch had to be kinda forcefully removed which hurt as much as feeding Mika on the bloody nipple. 2.5 more hours until I can take something for the inflammation again. yay...I think I am going to go try and sleep for a couple of hours....


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