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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thank You Catch-Ups

I've fallen behind on Mika's Thank-You's since she came home...

Mucho Thanks to:

  • Grandma for the massive and beautiful bouquet of flowers
  • Foster Park Baskett for the baby gift basket
  • Auntie Shawndee and the Shermans for the Robeez shoes and Sweetpea Onesie
  • Grandpa and Grandma Cunningham and Auntie Janis for the far-too awesome singing duck (Its gotta be one of the best puppets I have ever seen. Mika stared and stared as Daddy made the duck sing for her...currently, if she stares, it means she likes ), the cozy jammies, and cute pink corduroy outfit for the fall
  • Great Aunt Laura and Uncle Drew for the teddy bear
  • 'Auntie' Donna and 'Cousin' Ethan for the washcloths and 'Pooh' outfit with Eeyore socks (yay eeyore!)
  • Auntie Urs for rice krispie squares and chocolates to keep us going
  • Nana for the booties, sling, and foodstuffs
  • Auntie Amber for the too-cool Gymini and Emily Strange books
If I have forgotten anyone, please don't be offended. As good as Mika is with her sleeping patterns, we're still a little brain-dead from the new experience of being parents.


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