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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Swim Swim!

Mika had her first swimming lesson last night and did she ever love it! She was more into splashing and trying to get away from me than trying to follow the class, but thats kewl. Personally, I didn't want to sing The Wheels on the Bus either, so it was all good. It turns out that Mika has a buddy in swimming lessons..Kaylee!! Kaylee is the daughter of my best friends' cousin..who is more or less like my own cousin as I have known her since I was 4. Kaylee's three older brothers also have swimming lessons at around the same time..the two older boys, Dylan and Jordan, go from 5:30-6 and the youngest, Nicky, from 6-6:30..same slot as Mika and Kaylee. Mika loves Jordan. He is very protective of his baby sister and watched over Kaylee's lesson, which meant that Mika could scope out Jordan quite easily. Kaylee watches Mika as Mika watches Jordan. It's quite the gong show. I didn't realize what a hassle it could be trying to shower and change a baby and shower and change yourself too. I'll have to ask Daddy to check out the mens changing room and see if there are change tables and stuff in there too. It would make things much easier if I could pass Mika to Daddy to get her changed after the lessons. Last night, I got Mika dressed and padded up to the lobby dripping wet in my swimsuit to pass her off to Daddy so I could get myself changed. There is a playpen setup in the change room, but I didn't want to drop the kidlet into it while I changed. It kinda grossed me out for no apparent reason...I mean, it looked clean enough and such. Also..the change room is pure mayhem after the lessons. I think there are 3 classes ending at the same time..many screaming little kids and babies and many irritated moms. Yikes!


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