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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Declan had to wait at the school for about an hour and a half this afternoon while I was with Mika's class on a field trip. Kindergarten lets out at around 11:30 and we weren't due back until 1. Decky sat in the principal's office for the first while and ate his lunch. She gave him some lego and bristle blocks to play with. When the end-of-lunch bell rang, the principal let Declan know he would be going to room 10 to wait for a little while after lunch and that she had to step out for a minute to greet the students on the way to their classes. While she was gone, Declan spelled out the word "Love!" on her desk. The 'L' and 'v' were made with the long skinny bristle blocks, the 'o' was a lego wheel, and he made an 'E' from a flat 10'r and 3 standard 6'r bricks of lego. The exclamation point was a skinny-bristle/4'r brick combo. He went on his own over to room 10 afterwards - before the principal came back. Considering it was not too long ago that my darling kindergartener was in her office for total defiance of his teacher, I think it made it an extra special little message for her. Declan *is* a very sweet little boy, but he can also play the charm like a champ. Oh boyo.


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