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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

38 weeks and counting....

woohoo! 14 days til the due date. I know that most people think that we should be enjoying our childless time while we can...and we are, but I still can't wait to get this baby out of me.
We're supposed to see one last movie in the theatre before this kid bursts forth into the world, but there's really nothing worth seeing out there right now. We have day passes (thanks to Toni!) for the Odyssium that we'll be using on Saturday, unless I go into labor. Gonna run amok through the place checking out both the old exhibits and the Robotics show that arrives on Friday. Also will be taking in an Imax show...either Forces of Nature or Coral Reef Adventure. Tonight we dine out at Chili's. I know, I know..its not a hotspot or anything, but DaddyR and I have never been to Chili's together and vowed to do so before the Kid comes along. Just one of those things that we said we'd do and now realize that there is not much time to do so. Plus...I need a good steak and from what I recall, Chili's makes a pretty good steak.

I see the Dr. again tomorrow...I have a feeling that my belly will measure at least 42 cm this time instead of the 38cm that it should. Maybe not...maybe the baby will drop into birthing position sometime in the next 12 hours...one can hope! Would make sense that DaddyR and I would make plans for the weekend and baby will decide to be born at, like, 2AM on friday or something...


Blogger Bliggety Blast Circle said...

Just a recommendation....see Corel Reef on saturday...Forces of Nature wasn't what I wanted it to be (which was "cool" and it was "boring", with only one cool scene...lots of re-enactments and no real IMAX footage) Corel reef is sweet and has the world's greatest killers in it en mass....just a thought


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