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Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy 31 Week Birthday, Mika!

Mika has started to imitate us...when the mood strikes her. She makes the 'tsk' sound and clicks and clucks her tongue when Daddy or I do. A large-ish step, as previously she just stared at us like we were idiots whenever we tried to get her to do anything. Mika showed me this morning that she is more than capable of sitting up on her own, folding her body in half to reach things, and getting back up into the sitting position. I had my suspicions, but up until this morning, Mika preferred to just let herself flop over and flail. Little Schnook.
Mika's Thursday adventure included heading into the office with Mom for a few hours, hanging out at Dante's with Mom and Auntie Laura, and visiting G. Thanks to Auntie Laura for the spanky new jacket for Mika. It washed up beautifully...I was worried that the fluffiness of it would disappear in the dryer.
Mika behaved far better than I expected her to at the office. She actually passed out on my lap just as I was getting into a training session. Mistakenly, I shifted positions at the end and she woke up again. Nonetheless, it was wonderfully handy that she slept through the training. Mika has a new love: highlighters. Luckily, she didn't get the caps off of any of them, but a large number of highlighters around the office now carry her DNA. It was kewl to see the fine folks at work again..its been awhile!
Auntie Laura kindly picked us up from work and we went and hung out at Dante's for the afternoon. They have good coffee and the food is decent too...plus they seem to not mind us sitting there for hours on end. It was a really good visit - Mika still adores Auntie Laura and her bling.
G was doing OK when we went up to see her last night. Not great, but OK. She hasn't been eating much of what they serve at the care facility, but Auntie Kim had come by earlier with a homemade lunch. G had a soft banana bread cookie while we were there..not very healthy, but you have to know G and what she typically will eat (coffee and sweets the day long!). The banana bread cookie bordered on healthy eating for her. Mika stole a bite and loved it, but she loved the crinkly cookie wrapper better. Mika has made many friends at G's place. There's one fellow, Al, who parks his wheelchair in front of G's door whenever we visit - he's waiting to talk to Mika. We bring her out to see her new friend before settling down to visit with G. Then there's Jimmy, who makes his rounds past G's door a few times during our visits..he often stops to listen in on what we're talking about and usually gets a good chuckle. Mika goes out to visit with Jimmy too. There's yet another man that Mika visits regularly whose wheelchair is often parked either beside the elevator or the nursing station. We don't know his name, so we call him Mika's boyfriend. Many of the women, Paula especially, insist on regular little chats and snuggles with Mika too. And then there are the nurses and other caregivers!! Mika is one popular little girl over there. I think that G is the only resident who has a great-great grandchild.

We're supposed to head over to the pool today to get Mika hooked up with some swimming lessons next month. I'm finding it rather cold out and am wanting to curl up on the couch with a blanket and CBCNewsworld. No rest for the wicked though!


Blogger Chair said...

That is so cool that you bring Mika to visit G and all of the other old farts. I'm sure they look forward to the visits SO much and I'm sure your little family makes their lives so much richer. SHeesh, I sound like a greeting card or some other such corn dog.

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