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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Step Right Up

When Daddy picked up Mika from daycare today, one of her teachers told him that she took 5 unassisted steps out of the blue. Mika was standing and just turned around and took 5 steps all on her wee own. We don't know if she was standing unassisted somewhere or pulled up to a cubby or table or walker or something. We also don't know if she took 5 steps *to* something or stumbled and fell. And if she fell whether it was on her butt or front. Or what may have been going on in the environment that inspired her to go for it. And on and on it goes because I want to know every tiny detail about how it happened, but can't. These are the things that are causing me no small amount of anxiety right now. I'm so proud of Mika for walking, yet feel down that these things are happening without Daddy or myself present.

In any case, yay Mika!! She's well on her way to becoming a Supreme Terror instead of just a Terror.

"First steps" milestone passed at 1yr 4 days old.


Blogger LynAnne said...

Yea for Mika!! She's taking her new "toddler" title literally. :)

Don't despair about not being there to see those steps. I know every “first” seems special, but there are going to be more milestones. Tons and tons of them, in fact. Some only you will see, some only your husband will see and some will be reserved for grandparents, friends, caregivers, etc. Mika will be your child for the rest of your life. That’s a lot of memories and a lot of “firsts!” Each will seem bigger than the last.

Who knows what your caregiver actually saw? Maybe in her excitement she unintentionally embellished the story a little. A couple steps became 5 steps. Perhaps they weren’t real steps at all. A child might have pulled away a toy that she was supporting herself on and she just sort of staggered forward.

Try not to pick apart the details -- the defining moment will be when YOU see her first steps. That’s when it becomes real for you!

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