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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Ugh. Argh. Meh. Gah!

The baby is measuring at 43 weeks now. Doc made a 'funny' about how he has seen women at 40 weeks measuring larger than 43 weeks, but usually its because they are carrying twins.
Heartbeat strong, movements a little too strong for my liking. My gut is stretched as far as it can go...or so it feels. It may be a huge gut, but its rock solid!

The doctor decided today to book me in for labor induction...on Feb 16!!!!
I sure hope this kid comes soon...I don't really want to be induced and I also don't really want to carry this kid for another week. Especially if, on average, babies gain a pound a week in their final days in the womb. I don't need another pound to push. I thought today for sure he would send me over to the hospital for some induction, but no. I guess the facts that my knees and ankles are going to snap under my weight, i can't sleep, can barely move, can barely breath, etc. etc. are not posing a significant threat to the baby's health or mine.

The other thing that I find a little unnerving is that the doc won't tell me his guess as to the baby's current weight or est. birth weight. He doesn't want to scare me or something. All he would say was that my pelvis seems to be a good one for birthing. So...Apparently, I am not to worry about baby weight because of my breeder-style pelvis. Great. Hopefully, its all water in there and the kid will be 7.5 pounds or something...


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