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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Behind The Wall of Sleep

Mika slept through the night! Again, I panicked at about 8 AM thinking she had somehow suffocated. She slept from just after 8 last night til 8 this morning. She was in the corner of her crib cuddling her kitty when I went in.
It's pouring rain and I have to take Mika downtown on the bus. She has her baby shower at Daddy's work, then a doctor appt., then a visit to Grandma.
Yesterday we went for lunch with Auntie Laura. She brought Mika two pairs of sleepers...Thanks Auntie Laura! Headed over to the cheesecake cafe again. Their menu is so extensive that I think almost anyone could find something that they like. Mika spent most of her time on Auntie Laura's lap. Mika digs bling. And Auntie Laura. Daddy came home from work and almost immediately went back out over to my office so that we could get the VPN setup and working. Mika and I stayed here and handled the client side of things. It looked as though we couldn't get it running until Daddy corrected a typo he had made on our ip. Yay VPN. Sadly, there I was at 10:30 checking to make sure the backups were running smooth at work. Some things never change!
Monday we just stayed in.
Sunday, we went over to Grandma's for a BBQ. Ted's grandson Mitchell was there and wanted to make use of their firepit for a weenie roast. In addition to Grandma and Grandpa Ted, Mika got to see her cousin's Alice and Jamie, and Uncle Lucas and Auntie Jenn! A good time had by all. For someone who isn't German, my mom can sure cook up the bratwurst. Boiled in beer even! Mika handled herself quite well this time. No major screaming fits! Though she does need to spend more time with Grandma.


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