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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Heart of Saturday Night

Mika had quite the day yesterday. She finally got to meet some friends and family that we hadn't seen since before she was born. First, we went over to Irene's parents' garage sale. Irene informed us that two of her girls were going to be there helping out, so we went to surprise them, even though we'll be seeing them next weekend in good ol' Alcomdale. Almost everyone from Irene's family was there, except Irene, Ian, and Coleen. Mika met Aunties Alice and Lou and Uncle Daniel, who was in from Saskatchewan. And *finally* she got to meet Katie and Jaclyn, who are as cute as ever even though they are quickly becoming all grown up. Mika checked out Jaclyn's earplugs, hair, and the patches on her jeans with great interest. My budding young punk! From the sale, we picked up Irene's stuffed raccoon, Daniel, for Mika as well as a Metis sash from Lou! The other kewl score was a Lego pen from Lou. I am sucker for anything Lego. Upon arriving back home, we realized how much we miss Ian, Irene, and the girls. Now we're looking forward to the visit next weekend even more!
Mika came home, had lunch, and a nap then we were off and running again. This time, out to Sherwood Park to Uncle Steve's place to meet up with Daddy's family. Mika finally got to meet her cousin's Leo and Amos! Er...1st cousins, once removed to be precise. Mika stared and stared and smiled and smiled at Amos. He is too frickin' cute for words, so it didn't surprise me that she was so taken with him. Uncle Steve suited up Mika for her first jolly jumper experience. She did really well, though she didn't jump much. Mika would freak out stomping when I told her to "Mosh it up", so that was pretty kewl. I couldn't believe how well she handled the crowd. Oma, Anna, Barb, Urs, Nana, Steve, Darlene, Leo, Amos, Jackson, and Lucas were all there. Doesn't sound like a huge crowd, but when they're all in one room, it can be slightly overwhelming, but Mika handled it like a champ! Smiles and giggles for everyone!
Today we're off in search of more organic produce to puree for Mika and then over to Grandma's for a weenie roast. Grandpa Ted's grandson, Mitchell, is in town staying with them and he wanted to make use of their fire pit with a weenie roast. Auntie Angie, Uncle Jim, and cousin's Alice and Jamie are going to be there too. We haven't seen them since Easter. Mika gets to play with the big girls today! I think Jamie is just over 2 and Alice is about 5 years old now.
Whew...so much for a relaxing weekend! I have managed to add a few more cd's to my iTunes collection this morning: 4 x Mudhoney, 3 x Metallica, 2 x Descendents, one more each of Bad Religion, Bach, Neil Young, Joy Division, The Jam, Agent Orange, and Arrested Development. 3979 songs and many more to go....


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that is the exact same jolly jumper i have to give away - iffin' you want it. :-) we should arrange a meetup soooooon.

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