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Friday, August 12, 2005

The UpDate

Mika and I embarked on an adventure yesterday. We had a date! The lovely Kristeen and her beautiful daughter, Saoirse, met up with us at The Mall From Hell. I was late...nice. I would have been right on time had I remembered where to find the meeting place we had agreed upon. I went a bit too far down the mall and had to backtrack. Anyway, they were easy enough to spot because both of them have eyes that could double as lighthouses. Beacons of blue shining through the fluorescent lights! For two women who have never actually met, the initial meeting was smooth as golson. A quick "hey how's it going" type of thing and we were off in search of sale priced Robeez or other kewl shoes. I have always been a very tense and anxiety ridden kind of person, so of course I was sweating like a sow in heat over meeting someone new, but Kris was kind enough not to say anything about it, even after she thought I told Saoirse that her nose was big. We strolled all over that bloody mall and I think I only ran into Kris' feet, ankles, and stroller about 7 times total. nice.
Saoirse is as sweet as a baby girl can be. I *so* wanted to steal her. She and Mika sized each other up at first with the classic Maggie Simpson baby glare, followed by a staring session as the mama's strolled. Soon after, they were swiping at each other's faces with baby glee. After some puppy viewing at the pet store, Saoirse showed Mika how to stand on a bench using the backrest for support and they watched a bit of mini-golf. Daddy came to get us after about an hour as we had grocery shopping and cleaning madness to do before bedtime. The date was far too short. Kristeen is definitely the kind of person and mama that I appreciate. There are many odd little similarities between us that make the coincidence of finding each other seem less like a coincidence and more like being guided by the fates. I hope we get together again soon as I didn't quite get enough. I don't think Mika did either because she was holding on to Saoirse's sleeve with the baby death grip when it was time to go. Plus I want to try the seemingly addictive Starbucks drink that Kristeen had and will never ever remember the string of words used to order it without her help. Though, as the lady at the counter at the Starbucks took one look at Kristeen and rambled off the order "You want a {insert starbucks lingo here}, right?", I guess I could just go back and ask for the drink that the cute blond lady with the uber-cute baby in the jogging stroller always has.

For those who read Neetsirk, Saoirse seems neither too skinny or pale. She's just right for being Saoirse! And this time it was Mika who got the question from a stranger: "She's a girl, yes?"


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