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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Belated 48 Week Birthday, Mika!

Mika's Friday at daycare was her best day last week. Yay! She's slowly getting used to the new routine. I still cringe a little bit when I see her after work because she has crusades on her face and mismatched clothes, but I guess it means that she is eating and that the teachers are changing her clothes when she gets wet or dirty. We all just collapsed after getting home yesterday..First week back to work was exhausting.
Mika had us up at 6 this morning. No rest for the wicked. Not much that can be done about the early rising as we need to keep her on schedule for the weekdays. It worked out well though because Grandma and Grandpa Ted go for breakfast every Saturday at 8:, so we actually were able to go out and meet them this morning. It used to be that Mika wouldn't get up until after 8:. She had a big breakfast before we left and grazed off mine and Grandma's plates at smith's too. It's nice to see Mika having a big appetite. She's supposed to be napping now, but we can hear her babbling away upstairs. Daddy and I want to nap too. Those 4 cups of coffee have us too wired to go back to sleep, even though our bodies are too tired to do much of anything right now.
Once Mika has napped and had lunch, we're off to visit G!


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