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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy 17-Month Birthday, Mika!

After another fun-filled week at daycare, Mika came home on Friday with a fever. It had passed by Sunday. Pinprick flat spotty rash appeared last night, but she seems fine otherwise. Friday night, I came home, did my chores (preparing for duct cleaning), and ran out with Kris and Kerry to a "Surprise Party". True to our typical jerk forms, Kerry and I mostly razzed the presenter. I'd love to share some of our more, uh, colourful questions and comments, but this is Mika's blog and I try to keep it 'clean'. Saturday was spent around the house and neighborhood. I hauled Mika over to the playground while the furnace, ducts, and hot water tank were cleaned. She's getting better at safely going down stairs. Mika loves the swings, slides, teeter-totter rocking thing, and pretty much every aspect of the playground aside from the sand. It's too dirty for Her Highness. Mika did finally learn to brush the sand from her hands a la Saoirse.
Sunday was a visit to Uncle Lucas and Auntie Jenn's place. Jenn's parents had a little red wagon that was no longer being put to any use, so Jenn grabbed it for us (Thanks again Jenn!). It's so not a 'today' wagon. It's metal with short sides. No cupholders, no seatbelts, none of the modern conveniences of a bigass chunk of formed plastic - we love it! Mika finally met Macie and Cody. She absolutely loved them. Cody seemed to think Mika was alright too..at least her eyeball was worth trying to eat. As Cody tried to lick out her eye, Mika giggled away. She liked watching the dogs in their swimming pool too. Such antics! Crazy dogs. Jenn tried to teach Mika that Cody and Macie are dogs, not puppies. Little did Jenn know that all dogs are puppies to Mika just like all cats are kitties. Some raccoons and other mammals are also kitties or puppies according to Her Highness. We can't win. Mika happily differentiates between horses and donkeys, goats and lambs, but has yet to grasp the dog/puppy cat/kitty thing. Mika was too worked up to nap on Sunday afternoon. We were going to take her to watch Saoirse's Daddy play soccer, but the other team didn't show up. We grabbed a wee inflatable soccer net and wee inflatable soccer ball for the girls to practise with. Saoirse hasn't seen it yet and Mika isn't quite getting the hang of kicking the ball into the 'net'. She throws herself in instead because she seems to like the way that I yell "Gooooaalll!" whenever anything goes in. It's much easier to fling her entire body in there than kick a ball. Mika has also mastered the soccer dive...I was hoping she'd learn to do the rainbow and not feel the need to dive...I guess she has time.
If anyone out there has an old 80's freestyle sk8 to get rid of, please let me know. This kid needs to learn to ride, but a full size board will be too big. I don't want to get her some lame-o Zellers miniboard. ugh. I'm thinking a Kevin Harris deck would be cool. Or a Mullen. Or good old Per Welinder.

I should get back to work


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