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Monday, March 27, 2006


Saturday's plans went skooky, but we had a decent day anyway. Aside from a visit with G, none of our other plans worked out, but it's all good.
We met up with Grandpa and Grandma Barb on Sunday morning for breakfast. Mika was mildly amused. She ate nothing except for a handful of whipped butter. Nice. It was looking like Mika was going to start a fight with another little girl in the restaurant, but all worked out well. No toddler battles in the Ricky's. Mika just likes to stare other kids down. Or something. One of the other kids from the daycare was there with her parents and this little girl was smiling at Mika. Mika was glaring back at the little girl. A few patrons and staff thought it looked as though Mika was going to hop out of her highchair to go and start something. ..why is it *my* kid that's causing trouble? Nevermind. Don't answer that.
We went home for naptime after breakfast and upon awakening immediately headed out to Grandma Jude's for Auntie Amber's birthday cake feast. We all had some seriously fantastic raspberry devil's food cake with whipped cream. Mika was shoving fistfuls of cake into her maw and soon after that started a meltdown. Needless to say, we left earlier than expected due to Shrieka. Daddy and I couldn't help but notice that as soon as we were loaded into the car, Mika was fine. No whining, no crying, no signs of being tired. We then realized we had been played. I think Auntie Amber's niece freaks out Mika a bit. It's too bad, really, because Shana just wants to play with and love up Mika, but Mika wants none of it. So, apparently, Mika figured out what to do to get Mama and Daddy to leave in a hurry.
Thanks to Auntie Amber for Mika's belated birthday treats! One of everything from BabyGap. OK, maybe not one of everything, but Mika is the proud new owner of some really freaking cute mary jane runners, kitty PJ's, fancyass jeans, and an awesome green hoodie.

Mika's eyes were stuck shut with gunk again this morning. She's still got a nasty cough and sniffles too. This last has been brutal.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good and Bad

Mika was actually taking some unassisted steps last night between Daddy and me. She can take about 5 steps before her brain gets ahead of her body and she pitches forward landing on her face. It's like once she realizes that she's walking, she just wants to run and starts leaning forward. Ah well.
Grandpa and Grandma Barb arrive today from Toronto for a few weeks. Mika hasn't seen her Grandpa since she was about 2 months old and has yet to meet her Grandma Barb, so it will be an exciting weekend for the kid.
G is not doing so well though. We're hoping she can hang on until April 7th when she turns 104. G has become very dehydrated and the staff at the hospital are having a hard time hydrating her. Daddy ran home at lunch to grab Mika supplies so that we can go straight to G's from work tonight. Maybe G just needs some Mika love. I know it works wonders for me.
Auntie Amber is coming to town this weekend too. It's her birthday soon, so we're to meet up at Grandma Jude's for cake and coffee Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy 13-Month Birthday, Mika!

Oh, little nugget of love. We're both sick. Like sick sick. Like worse than the multitude of other colds and flus that we've had in the past few months.
Updates: Mika is officially off formula. Though since changing her to milk, we've noticed a nasty diaper rash has developed. She may have a bit of a reaction a la Saoirse. We have a doc's appointment on Monday, so we'll see. Still no independent walking.
We're supposed to go and meet a new friend today. Noah, the son of a friend of mine in Vancouver, is in town visiting his Grandma. It's not looking good. Between the wild snowfall and the sickness, we may not leave the house today! We shall see.

Ugh..can't type, can't post. Head hurts. Feeling wonky.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Not Much New

Not much is new, which is how we like it! Mika has yet to experiment with biting other people again, which is a Good Thing. She also still isn't walking on her own, but boy can she motor with her trolley/walker/cart thing. Our chairs with casters are also her walkers, as well as her little rocking chair, rocking moose, and anything else that she can push or pull around. One of Mika's birthday balloons finally bit the dust and the second one is quickly on its way to the balloon graveyard. She still carries the half deflated thing around the house and does not appreciate having to let go of it for any reason. I'm hoping that when the balloon disappears one morning this week that Mika will just let it go and not have a freak out about it when she arrives home. Hoping...
Daddy and I spent another Saturday at my work while Mika lounged at home with Grandma. Mika was not feeling well at all and the second half of her day with Grandma could have gone better. We'll have to have Grandma back over again for babysitting when Mika is not fighting off yet another sickness that she picked up from daycare. Mika's fever and congestion hit their peak between 6-7PM on Saturday, which helps to explain why she was being such a terror earlier in the afternoon. Poor girl. Poor Grandma! Mika sounded much better this morning and was not fevered at all. We took her for a stroll in the chilly afternoon air yesterday and then hauled her around the mall after that. Seemed to do the trick...fresh air and shopping - cures what ails you.