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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Another school year just whizzed by. Freak out, man - time is moving fast. Declan is an official preschool grad on his way to Kindergarten. Mika is about through Grade 2. This week alone, we had Declan's last day of school in the classroom, final field trip, last gymnastics class of the season, and last soccer meet for the season. Mika has had her last field trip of the year, last soccer match, final gymnastics class coming up Saturday and last day of school next Wednesday. Dovercourt had their Fun Field Day today and it appeared to be a smashing success - we somehow managed to get Mac's Convenience Store to send their Froster Street Team - they brought in a sound system and slushie machine to the teachers' parking lot and were setup for most of the day. Kids had more or less unlimited slushies all day. Winning or what? Especially since the school board has banned practically anything with sugar from schools. Felt good to bend rules as the parent council and provide the kids with a treat. Mika won a scholarship to Confucius Camp again this year and will spend her first week of summer break doing some of her favorite things: tai chi, chinese dance, dough art, paper cutting, and a few other things - not the least of which is improving her Mandarin skills. Life is good.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


GAH! The boy wanted a haircut. He said he was sick of people talking about his curls. He wanted either a "twice-as-curly", which is his way of saying Afro or to be bald. The stylist was unable to give him an afro (go figure), so she buzzed his beautiful hair down to the bone. He loves it. At some point there will be photos. Whenever I get them from his Dad's camera...and post them somewhere or other. Ha!