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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank you Easter Bunny, Bok Bok!


The kids and their friend Logan ran amok like wild things through Hawrelak Park for Earth Day on Friday afternoon. I made up nerdy seek and find sheets with simple ID instructions, but Mika and Logan were far more interested in tearing around than learning the differences between Spruce and Pine trees. Fair enough. It was the first time the kids have had a chance to just plain run outside this year without needing snow gear. We told the kids the pond ice was thin and to stay away from it, but of course within seconds of saying that Declan had stepped out and fallen in. While I was trying to dry Declan's clothes with the hand dryer in the shack washroom and he put on a show for the people in the shack itself, Mika stepped out onto the ice and also fell in. She justified her action by saying that she was holding onto the rail the entire time and saved herself. It may be for the best that, due to wet clothes, we didn't actually make it down to the river. After recharging at home, we had a great BBQ at Logan's. Five kids between 2-6 yrs with Mika the only girl. I love when kids form a good pack and can self-regulate well. I also love having cool neighbors who invite us over for BBQ's. :)
Saturday the kids finished up gymnastics for the winter session and have a week's break before spring session starts. Whee!
The kids woke to easter treats from the bunny today. Danny made construction paper tracks and taped them down last night. We had a hunt outside as usual which the kids loved as always. Declan was so damn proud of himself whenever he found an egg - too cute. We had a mondo brunch at my Mom's after that was like something off a cooking channel show. Incidentally, my Mom retired recently and may be spending more time than usual watching the cooking channel. :) It was grand, anyway. Mika and Declan had fun playing with Alice and Jamie. We came home for about 5 minutes and went straight out to the park/playground with our water bottles and soccer ball and spent a few hours there. Now we're awaiting our beef ribs and cold, raw veggies...
Tomorrow we're off to another brunch. Nana's Easter/65th Birthday Brunch Party. Sounds like it's going to be quite the kid-centric extravaganza. The kids are looking forward to seeing their cousins.
Tuesday Mika is back to school and it's their first dress rehearsal immediately after. I will be so relieved when gym, dance, and soccer are done for the summer!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ah, April...

The month of March gives us a chance to wind down from busy February and prepare for whirlwind April. Yesterday was Declan's last dance class for the year and Mika's last Sparks group for the year. Today is Mika's dress rehearsal for her Chinese Dance Club performances tomorrow. Thursday is Mika's last dance class for the year. Friday is Earth Day and we plan on going to a big park to see how many different types of birds we can find. Saturday is the last gymnastics class for this session. The rest of the weekend is Easter family get togethers. Next week we have dress rehearsals for Declan's recital and both of Mika's as well as the recitals themselves. The week after, Mika switches to Thursday night gymnastics instead of Saturdays. Declan will still be going Saturdays. Soon thereafter, soccer starts!

Mika and I had a great time at her Sparks year-end party on Friday - they are a great group of kids. We did some fantastic scrapbooking and they had a surprise craft: stuffing their own plush unicorns. I'm sure you can imagine the squeals of joy when the girls realized they were making stuffy unicorns.