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Thursday, August 30, 2007

say cheese

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i'm being lazy and posting other people's awesome photos in lieu of real posts. i also have a 20lb squirming, reaching, slapping, grabbing ball of baby on my left - typing with the right as my keyboard is pawed at and my hand slapped...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the boy and me

weekend at the cabin
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walk in the woods

weekend at the cabin
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

another end of the world as we know it post

the big exchange
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We swapped out the crib for Mika's "big girl bed" today. So far, so good, knock on wood.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

this just in...

Mika just typed her name all by herself for the first time. I'd ask her to do it again for this post, but she had to run and tell her father about it...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

celebrity look alikes

celebrity look alikes
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Library Cards!

The kids got their own library cards today. It's about time!

Declan's first loaner is The Big Red Bus. Mika chose a Dora dvd - go figure. I grabbed a couple of books for her too.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

more bits

Mika pitched such a serious fit about being at daycare on Thursday that Daddy ended up bringing her home about an hour and half after she left. Oi. Might be time to pull her until she *has* to be there. My sanity shudders at the thought, but what can ya do?

She's also decided that perhaps it is time for a real bed. We've been trying to convince her of this since October. Hopefully the bed will be assembled by tomorrow.

I opened some boxes that i have been carting around for a few years. a few + many years. Mika's great-great-granny packed away what appears to be every last article of doll clothing and accessory that i ever had. other bonus items include a collection of fave tshirts from when i was a kid - all of them from hawaii - all of them from my long deceased grandparents. piggy banks, my childhood fave dolls from the pre-cabbage patch days, miniature dolls, just tonnes and tonnes of stuff. a few garbage bags worth of doll clothes/shoes/bedding/carriers/change pads/sleeping bags/etc. Mika has latched on to my decrepit childhood doll, Brenda. Brenda had those eyes that would close when you laid her down. One of them sticks now, so she's very creepy. The one eye slowly creeps open and closed. I'm sure there will be photos to follow. Brenda has a "little sister", Pretty. Pretty was someone's (mom? great-granny?) attempt at raising a PC kid, as her 'skin' is a deep chocolate brown. Both dolls have molded plastic hands/forearms, heads, and lower legs/feet. Both dolls have their right hands in the classic metal/devil pointer and pinky up/middle ring down pose. Both dolls have the pinkies of their left hands chewed clean off. I was apparently a mean disciplinarian as a child. :) Ah well, at least Pretty's eyes still work.

Mika sings the theme song for the Backyardigans 500 times a day. Did I post that already?

I asked Mika to entertain her brother this afternoon as Daddy and I had to get a few things done around here. I plunked him down on the floor in the living room as she wandered in to tend to her chore. Mika proceeded to turn on the TV behind Declan and lounged a few feet in front of him watching the set as she slowly kicked her foot back and forth in front of him. The guy was delighted to play chase the foot, of course, but sheesh.

Uncle Lucas and Auntie Jenn's high maintenance dog is going to try out life on a farm, so we went and said "enjoy the good life" to her this aft. Have fun, Macie!
Mika seemed to really dig the gecko. Uncle Lucas threw in a couple of crickets and we watched the lazy old lizard eat one and comically hunt the other. In addition to loving the gecko, the dogs tried their best to love up Mika, but she could only take so much. A few kitty pets, some dog harassment, gecko feeds, and she wanted to go home. Mika only had a 20 minute nap today, so it was full on Emo all afternoon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Auntie Tamara came to visit the kids - and Daddy and me - this week. she was here from Monday eve to Wed. afternoon. we hauled the pack to whyte for some oodle noodles on Tuesday and had a visit with preggo angie this yesterday on 124. the best mexican food restaurant ever is on 124 street now. The owner fell in love with wee mika when she demanded arroz con leche from him. he had no arroz con leche and instead brought her a special flan - no go, even though it was the best tasting flan on the face of the earth. the poor guy tried everything to win over mika, but without that arroz con leche it was not happening.

Mika was very upset that Auntie Tamara had to go back home to Calgary. Tantrums were had, a few screams of "No! Auntie Tamara did NOT go back to CALGARY, she's at my HOUSE." - wishful thinking. I felt like pitching the same tantrum. we don't get to see our calgary pals nearly enough.

Angie is due in three weeks, has recently moved back to Edmonton, and bought a house not too far from us. Yay! we are slowly taking over this part of town...quite a few people that i know live within walking or a short bus ride now.

Auntie Tamara made us some wicked teas, soap, and some special lotion for mika's excema. gotta love the homemade remedies. the soap smells so good that i want to eat it.

disjointed post ending now.


Mika likes Vivaldi's Four Seasons. She especially likes 'winter' because it's "the sound of the dancers singing to me with their lights".


I told her I thought it sounded like violins, but she told me that, no, it was the sound of the dancers singing to her with their lights.

very well.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

so serious mika

so serious mika
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she was probably upset that dave was interrupting the book for a photo.


declan sits up on his own now. he's still very bam-bam rubble in that he doesn't look that big, but weighs a tonne and has strength like you wouldn't believe.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Mika: "one, two, three....eighteen, nineteen, tenteen, ELEVENTEEN!"

She realized something was amiss in her counting when thirteenteen just didn't sound right.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy 6-Month Birthday, Declan!

as all parents of 6 month olds say: I can't believe half a year has passed!

The guy is all about talking and eating. Much Da-da-da-da-da coming from his mouth. No ma-ma-ma-ma yet - bleh!

DC celebrated by eating a mashed banana. w00t!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


went to the farmers market in the rain yesterday - braved the masses at heritage days today. forgot to take pictures. kids thought it was great both days. as for heritage days: Mika was getting into the performances this year. Declan flirted a lot. i waited in a line for 16 million hours to get penne with tomato sauce, of all things, for Mika. we spread a blanket on a little hill for a picnic for her. at least we were able to sample a few different meat-on-stick foods too - and let Mika go to town on a Croatian donut. considering going back tomorrow - we shall see!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Declan had his 6 month shots today. Nothing to report there - 3 needles, a few tears, some boob, and off to sleep.
Capital Health is using new percentile charts. He's officially doubled to 8.8kg/19lbs 6 1/4oz. 85th percentile, I think they said. His length is 26 and some inches, putting him in the 65th percentile for height. His head is still big - 90th percentile. Can't recall the measurement. Threw Mika on the scale too - she's 26lbs, 6 oz - almost exactly 7 pounds heavier.
Declan ate an entire jar of squash for supper. I don't think Mika was ever able to finish a jar in a single sitting. Two cubes or a half jar was always her max. Egads. Time to start farming so I can feed the boy. The jar was followed with a long nurse for dessert. Sometimes it feels like the kid is literally draining my energy with each suckle - i'm totally exhausted when he's done - weirdness.
Anyway, apparently the kids are growing well and Declan eats like a champ. w00t.