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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Round One Thanks

Thanks for your comments on flickr wrt Mika's pneumonia. We all had a helluva day today fighting the nasty sick toddler tantrums. We were supposed to have Christmas with the Shermans and crew today, but it just didn't happen. We drove over and I ran some presents to the door, said some quick Hi/Bye/Merry Freakin's and that was that. The girls came out to the car to say Hi to Mika, but she was not in a mood for anything at all. As in nothing could satisfy her. Whatever it was she screamed for, as soon as she got it, it was flung with a mighty "No !" followed by another hardcore crying fit. Poor kid. She didn't have her proper nap today either, which certainly adds to the household misery. As we are very spoiled, there are currently more gifts than tree over here, but Mika ignores it all. Too sick to care right now. The doctor said that the antibiotics could make a significant difference within 48 hours of starting the treatment, so hopefully Mika can make it to Nana's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

Mika sends thanks to Auntie Laura for the aquadoodle pad and markers. And also to Grandpa for her BMW Performance wear nightie. Mika happened upon the 'nightie' (shirt), so I let her check it out. She still has a few more packages from Ontario to get through on Christmas morning.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy 22-Month Birthday, Mika!

Oh Nugget...where has the time gone?

In 9 minutes, you and Daddy will be here to pick me up, so I must be brief.

Mika is sick. Again. Dr. thinks its a few different viral infections at once. She missed out on both the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon events, but was happy that Auntie Laura came to visit yesterday. Mika also happened to wake up screaming at 9PM and was back to bed before 10. No fever, no reason that we could figure out - except that it was a new Christmas Simpsons - I think she just wanted to watch. Seeing as she rarely watches TV and I didn't want to miss a new Simpsons, she stayed up and watched with us. Then she had Daddy up again at 4AM.

Mika's physical skills are just mad. She can jump like no other toddler that I have seen. Her aim is getting better too...when she wants to bean me in the head with a ball, she does it. She climbs up EVERYTHING that she can and jumps off again with little to no concern for how far she's jumping or what might be in the way of her landing. Surprisingly, we have had very few tears. She's been tough.

Yet another short post - what else is new? I need to leave the office now though...Mika is waiting.

Friday, December 15, 2006

..and so it begins

The Christmas season mayhem, that is...

We had contacted a pro photographer, but she didn't get back to us. So last weekend...off to the dreaded Sears photo studio we went. Mika had a minor meltdown, so instead of cute shots of her dressed in her fancies, we have two somewhat acceptable post-tantrum head shots. She refused to leave Daddy's lap and neither he or I were dressed or groomed for photos at all.
This weekend starts early with Mika's Christmas Concert at the daycare this afternoon. She was coughing up a storm, snot-filled, and mildly fevered this morning, so we shall see how well this one pans out. My prediction is that she will be in her group ready to sing, see Daddy and me, and run into his arms and refuse to sing the song with her group. Nana is coming by tonight so that Daddy and I can head to my company party over at Fort Edmonton. Work parties always feature an open bar and get interesting fast. Pregnancy will keep me in line though. Meh.
Tomorrow we have Daddy's work xmas party at his boss' house. It's kid-friendly, but will likely have it's share of adult drunken silliness as well...they are AADAC staff, after all...;)
We're going to Saoirse's 2nd Birthday Party on Sunday afternoon. The girls will be swimming with their daddies..and we finally get to meet Saoirse's new sister, Brighid! Yay. We will likely end up bailing out a bit early as Auntie Laura and Drew are coming by the house in the late afternoon. They haven't seen it yet and we've been trying to arrange something for weeks. They agreed to stay for supper, which gave me a perfect excuse to decide on sending Daddy out to pick up some ribs - been craving pork ribs like mad. Gross to many, but not currently to this preggo.
Maybe Baba will be dropping in sometime too as we have had her steam cleaner since we moved and she wants it back.

16 more work days left until my mat. leave. Gah! Yikes! If anyone knows of a decent windoze sys admin who is interested in a one year contract for 2007, send them my way. It's an awesome company to work for and the users are rather entertaining.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lack of sleep pleas

Dear Declan,

Please stop hiding in my lungs at night. Between the growing uterus and being sick (Maybe Strep 'A' - will be tested on Friday I hope.), I can barely breath as it is. Perhaps you are using the pair of lungs as some kind of funky in utero headphones? It sure feels that way. In any case, cut it out already. I'll shove one of the iPod earbuds into my bellybutton instead, OK?

Dear Scooter,

I know of no better kitty than you. Despite that, I need my own space in the bed. I love to cuddle with you, but the pillow is mine. I know that you like to be as close to my head as possible, but it's getting a bit much. Please understand that while I appreciate you bathing my face and washing my hair in the night, your breath is absolutely intolerable to me in my pregnant state. It's not very nice to have finally fallen asleep only to be wakened 5 minutes later by your OCD and rotting tuna breath.

Dear Nature,

I can handle the constant snowfalls. I can even handle the -30 and lower temperatures. I can no longer handle the dryness. Now that my wee daughter has been experiencing nosebleeds due to it, I feel I need to take it to another level. Regrettably, I am going to be bringing machinery in to help me win this battle. Get ready for gallons upon gallons of moisture in the air...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh, the unruly hair...

Originally uploaded by MamaT.
When Mika refuses to allow me to do her hair, I tell her that she looks like Uncle Lucas. It doesn't get me very far...she simply nods in agreement and says "Yes. Lucas"