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Friday, November 26, 2004

Attention Cunninghams!

We need photos of the Cunningham clan for the baby! I don't know if DaddyR has any photos of his sisters and he sure doesn't have any of Madison. Of course, also needed are photos of Grandma and Grandpa Cunningham. I'd like to create a family photo section on one of the walls in the house so that Baby can be a little familiar with the people in his/her family that may not be seen as often as others. If any Cunninghams happen to read this, please post a comment or send DaddyR an email letting us know how we may be able to get our hands on some pictures. Thanks!

Checked Out Well

Yet another Dr.'s appointment come and gone. I was relieved to find out that I don't have Gestational Diabetes.
DaddyR and I met the Dr. who may be delivering the baby. He works from about 7 am to 7 pm, so if baby is born outside of that range, we'll be dealing with the on-call doctor. Not a big concern to us, really.
The only upsetting part of the visit was finding out that I now weigh 166 lbs. 166!!!
Never in my life did I think I would/could/should weigh that much. Had someone told me that a year ago, I would have argued that I'd roll my fat laden body off the high level bridge first! The Doctor does not seem nearly as concerned as I am about this. At this point, all the people telling me that 20 or so pounds will disappear almost immediately after giving birth doesn't help either. The fact remains that I weigh 166 pounds and still have a little over two months to go...and they say that the majority of weight is gained at the end...if there is a god, I pray for help now!
DaddyR was kind enough to say that I don't look like I weigh that much and that I carry it well....but I bet he was just scared that I would sit on him and crush his lungs or something.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Nursery - Phase Three

OMG - The laminate flooring is installed and looks fantastic! DaddyR outdid himself this time..

I only had to apply a band-aid to him once!

As easy as people say that it is to lay laminate flooring, it was the cutting that was a challenge. Cutting to fit under the closet door pegs, cutting to fit the heat vent, cutting at the corners to for the door frame to fit, etc...

And he did it all with our old crappy saw! I can't believe how quickly it went...

Now onto baseboards, molding, and window coverings...I think the hardest part is done!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Nursery - Phase Two

DaddyR has completed all of the electrical work in the nursery...he's the best!

All new lightswitch, outlets, and ceiling light.

He has commenced the laminate floor installation...stay tuned for updates.

Room Progress

Thanks go out to Grandma Toni for helping with the baseboards and moulding for the nursery.

Also for outfitting her home for wee ones with items such as a mini wicker chair and a wicker bassinette with handles to transport babies from room to room...or just somewhere for baby to hang out while we work in the garden this summer....

Friday, November 19, 2004

Screen Tests Complete?

Today I had to go in for a Gestational Diabetes Test.
Hoping that it comes back negative, of course. I think that this was the last blood screen test that I will need. Of course, there's the routine blood and urine samples taken at each doctor's appointment, but those are old news now.
The "orange drink" that you have to consume for this test was kind of gross, kind of not. Depends whether you hold your breath when you drink or not. There's a one-hour wait time between consuming the beverage and having your blood taken. That wasn't very fun as the chairs weren't so great for sleeping in. Plus, it seemed like all the other patients in the lab today had some kind of flu or other coughing, hacking, snot-laden sickness. Try holding your breath for an hour while attempting to sleep in a hospital waiting room chair! The baby was really kicking it up after I drank the bottle of dextrose syrup stuff, go figure.

I'll get the test results next Thursday (Nov 25/04) when I go in to meet the doctor who will most likely be delivering the baby. I think from here on in, it's bi-monthly doctor checkups instead of monthly...whee!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Feet - 'Swell' continued...

I used to think I had ugly feet. Got my Mom's little curled up sausage toes...

Then I experienced swollen feet during pregnancy. Now I think my pre-prego feet could almost win beauty contests compared to the hideous puffy things attached to my ankles. Oh yeah...I used to have normal ankles...now they look like those of a common Wal-Mart shopper! (I have slight Wal-Mart issues...when I am there, all I can see for miles around are obese women and fetal alcohol babies)

Ah well...at least I have an excuse to wear sneakers to work instead of oxfords or something....

Nursery - Phase One

DaddyR and Grandma Toni have completed Phase One of the nursery.

Baseboards have been removed and the room has been painted! DaddyR did the first coat this past Sunday. Grandma Toni came by on Monday afternoon and did most of the second coat (she ran out of paint). DaddyR picked up more paint and finished the second coat Monday night.

Stay tuned for Phase Two - DaddyR installs laminate flooring....

Thanks Grandpa Ted, Uncle Lucas, and Grandma Toni

This past weekend, DaddyR borrowed Grandpa Ted's truck and Uncle Lucas to do some moving.
Grandma Toni helped us out yet again by offering her basement as a storage place for some of our currently unnecessary furniture. (Baba's basement is currently storing Uncle Lucas' stuff and Uncle Lucas) The condo is starting to look less like schizophrenics live there. The removal of unnecessary furniture and a wee bit of rearranging of what's there has made a huge difference.

Extra Special Gigantic Thanks to Grandma

Grandma has been spoiling the baby (and parents!) rotten already.
She still has yet to decide what she would like the baby to call her, but for simplicity, we'll refer to her as Grandma.

Huge thanks for the following:

drum set, teddy bear, quilt, Padraig booties, finger puppets, wind chime/mobile, train, bib, high chair and pad, big bag of fitted crib sheets and receiving blankets from her friend, probably something(s) that I have forgotten, and the following items for in the nursery:
  • laminate flooring
  • wardrobe
  • dresser with hutch and change table
  • toy box
  • computer desk (Yes, baby has a computer already)
  • curtains (still deciding which ones) and curtain rod
As Auntie Amber commented: "don't you know better than to take an expectant gramma to ikea?" - Well, now we do.

Friday, November 05, 2004

third trimester

So the thing that scared me most is realizing that there have been instances of babies being born this early in the pregnancy. Not that it is a common or healthy thing, but the thought that I could be a daddy now makes me realize how little I have prepared for this. I mean, we have clothes and some furniture, diapers and supplies, toys and bottles but man, there is going to be a living breathing life-form for which I am going to be responsible that isn't a cat. You think you're going to be prepared and then it hits you; you are going to be a daddy!

I can't think of a better way to welcome baby's newly formed ears than with the Rheostatics (as mentioned previously by Mama T). The baby danced the night away.

Nine pounds. NINE POUNDS! I cannot fathom forcing nine pounds of anything through any oriface in my body. I ate two pounds of ribs once but I was able to chew it first. My heart goes out to you my sweet, beautiful Mama T. All I can offer is my hand for you to crush during labour.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Everything checked out well at the checkup

Dr.'s appointment went well today. Baby's heartbeat is going strong. The doctor felt really bad about the nuchal fold scare and assured me that we have nothing to worry about. The tests for toxemia came back negative. My blood pressure is still a little high, but nothing that is cause for concern or alarm. What I personally found as cause for concern and alarm is that the doctor told me that I can possibly expect a baby weighing in between 9-10Lbs. Am now feeling guilt over secretly hoping that the baby comes early...when its about 7lbs kind of early.
I only gained 5 lbs in the last month...phew. Doctor said that I can go ahead and start aquacise (sp?) a couple of times a week as walking in the cold and dark is not so fun. Its only about a 2 block walk to the pool from where we live. I just have to avoid the sauna, steam room, and hottub: the 3 best things about going to the pool in the first place!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Only 100 days left...

I see by the pregnancy calendar that there are 100 days left of this, uh, "wonderful journey"...woohoo!
Hrm...100 days to get a room ready, get the condo properly cleaned, acquire baby goods, etc. etc....