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Monday, February 25, 2008

hurtin albertans

I'm sick - head cold. cough that attacks in the night. general bleh.
Declan has both an ear and an eye infection. Bacterial in both cases. Running fever. He's on antibiotics as of today.
Daddy slammed the rear door of the jetta wagon onto his thumb. It's nasty.
Mika hacks like she smokes 3 packs a day and washes each cig down with straight irish. Otherwise she seems just fine.

Mika made a dr.'s head reflector at school today and refused to take it off when I picked her up this afternoon. She was *thrilled* that there were two patients for Doctor Mika waiting in the car. All the staff at the centre play it up and were referring to her as Doctor Mika as well. Like a fool, Daddy actually let Mika inspect his thumb. She poked, prodded, and declared that there was nothing she could do. Aside from adding to his agonizing pain by poking and prodding him. Doctor Mika seconded the opinion of Dr. Wong with respect to Declan's diagnosis and treatment.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

..and we're back

Did I mention that the kids had a great birthday party at the leisure centre? We had Jackson, Lucas, Alice, Jamie, Ava, Evan, and their respective parental units in attendance. We all swam - the kids loved it. Declan clung to Daddy and Mika to her Mama - with one exception: Mika went on the giant water slide with her Auntie Darlene. The kids enjoyed the indoor playground before and after cake and snack time.

Mika returned to ballet class yesterday. We can't figure it out. Earlier in the morning, Daddy and I each asked her once if she wanted to go and it was a resounding no. 15 minutes before class was to start, Mika insisted that she had to go. The lessons are on the other side of town. Somehow, Daddy got her there only 10 minutes late.

The kids had us up at 5-ish yesterday and 6:30-ish today. Aside from Daddy, we're all down with this head cold/croupy cough thing.

Declan has discovered pointing. He points things out around the house and in books and explains what they are - in his own language that no one understands yet. Cuteness.

As usual, I'd post more but my head hurts...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Mika!

w00t! It's Family Day here in Alberta. Provincial stat or some such thing. Nice that we get her birthday off work. The girl wants nothing to do with nothing, save for a bouncy castle setup in her house. Our house is smaller than most bouncy castles, so we're indulging her love of TV and letting her watch the full morning setup on cbckids instead. Obviously, she knows how to get what she wants - because, really, she just wants to be allowed to watch "her shows" uninterrupted for once. So....she asks for the impossible so that we cave to her true wish. PLAYED! again.
To be honest, we have no idea what we're doing today. Daddy has a task he has to complete which may or may not take hours. I would like to head to home depot for a few supplies. Neither of these things hold any appeal for Mika. Declan and I have some books and puzzles to wrap for her at some point. We're all kind of caked out from Declan's birthday and the party Saturday. Mika only likes the icing anyway. She's not into ice cream cakes either. Doesn't like chocolate. Daddy is going to make her some fresh fries instead. No, I am not going to ice them. :P

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's Up?

Kids went in for their annuals last Wednesday. Somehow, Declan has lost weight and Mika has a heart murmur. We're getting the girl checked out further - most often the murmurs are innocent. As for Declan, the rest of his body has shifted along with him - his head size and height are proportionate to his weight. He's also freakishly strong. The doc isn't overly concerned. He goes like a madman all day, so it's no surprise that he's trimmed down. Daddy took Declan for his 12 month shots on Valentine's Day. Declan handled them like a champ - one whimper, no tears, no residual effects so far (knock knock).

Mika's loving her new preschool program. She's been reunited with her boyfriend Sammi and I have a feeling that he has a lot to do with why she is more happy. Sammi was in the baby room @ daycare with Mika when she started, but he's a bit older and was moved up before she was. She throws fits when we pick her up and demands to be left behind with Sammi. He gave her a heart shaped stuffy for Valentine's Day and everything. Sammi's Mom told us that literally the first thing out of his mouth in the mornings is "I get to play with Mika!". They are Trouble. He's a very sweet little guy, totally adorable, and has killer dance moves - what more could a girl ask for?
Declan is getting better at handling daycare and has even had "good days" there. He's much happier now that he's over 12 months old and can go to the gross motor room. He's a rough and tumble kind of guy. I think it's a licensing requirement that they can't let the babies play with the 'big' toys - or maybe just common sense, who knows?

Mika has officially quit ballet. Her reasons include hating the hairstyle (pony or bun), not wanting to do the hokey pokey, and finding the teacher a bit scary. We're looking at swimming lessons for both kids instead. Oi.:)

Both kids are doing well. They flux between getting along and bashing each other's heads in every 2 minutes or so. Declan still adores his sister, but definitely enjoys pushing her buttons too. Nonetheless when they fight over toys or other objects, he often simply gives in and walks away. Unless it's a phone. He will fight to the death to retain control of the telephone. If I want to talk on the phone, I have to give him one of the extensions or he shrieks like a banshee. He wanders the house alternating between babbling on one of the phones and sweeping. The boy loves brooms as much as he loves phones.
Mika is Mika, but more so. As mentioned, she's entirely distracted from reality by her boyfriend during the week and on weekends just wants to play video games or go shopping. She'll be three tomorrow. I can hear family members laughing as they read this. ANYWAY - Mika rocks.
**Her cousins gave her a Dora TV Globe for her birthday and that's all she's done this morning. It's a globe of sorts with a joystick on a base that plugs into your TV. You travel the world playing various learning games with Dora and Boots. I may not see the kid again for weeks.
The kids had an awesome birthday party yesterday at the leisure centre. Post to follow...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Declan!!

The boyo made it to one year! w00t!

If work wasn't so insane right now, Declan and I would have taken the day off and stayed home. But that wasn't meant to be...

I botched a cake for him last night. Poor guy. He'll probably love it anyway.

I'd love to sit here and list Declan's milestones, but we have to get going to work/daycare..meh!

I love you, my big one year old boyo!