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Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Date

Mika went on her first date last Saturday. ZOMG it was so cute. We met Sammi at the mall and the kids spent a couple of hours at Galaxyland. We didn't see Sammi and his mom approach as we were waiting for them, so Mika was surprised by a giant bear hug from Sammi. The convo between them went something like this:

M: Hi Sammi. Do you like my dress?
S: Yes, it's beautiful. You look pretty.
M: (smiling so wide you can see it in Calgary)
S: (as he flexes) Do you like my muscles?
M: Yes!

And they were off to the carousel where there was much hand-holding as they rode. Much running and giggling in the play park. Smooches on the train and everything. Oi. The kids are like an old married couple the way they carry on sometimes.

We were thinking the kids could go to a movie this weekend, but we're too busy. Beverly Hills Chihuahua: I have successfully avoided you!

There's going to be a community league Halloween party in Sammi's neighborhood. He asked Mika to go and she's thinking about it. The girl does not like the idea of giving up trick or treating. We'll take her out early to a couple of the local houses, then off to the party.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy 20-Month Birthday, Declan!

It's been awhile since a bday post has made it to the blog. Declan is a whopping 20 months old today! GAH! He's such an awesome little guy. Happy-go-lucky as they come as long as he can destroy as he goes. Declan is so much more physical than Mika was at this age and infinitely more daring. It's good because he encourages her to try more - it's bad because he is going to break a bone in no time. I'm honestly surprised that Declan hasn't had more serious injuries. There's already a permanent scar on his nose and a couple on his forehead. He's had a fingernail bashed off and grown back all nubbly. His legs are always bruised. At the same time, the kid is usually all smiles. He loved attacking his Grandpa (Dadoe as Declan says it) while he was here visiting. His soft spots are still for Baba and Nana.
Declan has a stubborn streak in him that easily rivals Mika's. It's his way or no way at all. He almost always knows what he wants. Like his sister, Declan has hawk eyes and can spot a sugary treat from km's away. His language is progressing really well - new words learned everyday. At least his version of the words.
Declan still hasn't slept through the night. Still shows no signs of letting us go back on this co-sleeping thing. Still shows no interest in weaning. The more we try, the more he resists. Send help! :)