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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Day 41 - Sniffle Cough

Mika has a cold..or croup. The doctor couldn't be sure which. I thought Mika was having tummy trouble, like maybe some reflux or something because she would gag a little bit and then cough yesterday. I guess it was phlegm though. She was sneezing a bit yesterday too, but she's been sneezing since she was born. Started in the hospital and hasn't stopped.
Anyway, last night was horrible. Her nose and sinuses were totally stuffed up and she was gagging and coughing. I don't know what's with the gagging. Of course, at the doctor's office, she didn't cough or sneeze let alone do the gag thing because that would be too easy. Daddy thinks that she gets some fluid or phlegm up from her lungs that triggers the gag reflex. I hope that's all it is. It scares the poop out of me. Mika opens her mouth as wide as she can, sticks her tongue out, and looks like she is trying to throw up. She stops breathing during this and turns bright red.
We bought a nasal aspirator to suck out the snot. Turns out what we were using was an eardrop syringe. Mika got a prescription for croup medication, an anti inflammatory. She also got dimetapp for infants which has worked pretty good so far in relieving her nasal congestion. In addition to all that, Mika has saline nasal drops which we have yet to use. Between the snot sucking and pill and dimetapp doses, we figure we should give her a bit of a break. I had put a warm mist humidifier in her room, but the recommendation was a cool mist, so we swapped it out. Other recommendations were to open the freezer and let her breath the cold air or feed her a cold drink of formula or breastmilk. Both recommendations are contrary to what new parents are typically told, but each one is supposed to relieve some of the inflammation and soreness in her throat.

My poor baby. I stayed awake during most of the past two nights. The first night out of paranoia that she would get sick to her stomach and choke and last night out of paranoia that she would do that gag thing and stop breathing. Tonight i will just stay up with her because I feel awful that she is sick.

To her credit, she has behaved wonderfully considering.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I am *so* dumb...

Daddy needed razor blades. I needed a bottle and a nipple washing brush. Mika needed to go for a stroll. Foolishly, I went to West Edmonton Mall without realizing that its spring break.
I am proud to report that Mika and I made it out alive. I resisted the urge to smash Mika's stroller into obnoxious kids/teenagers.
The only good thing was scoring a Lindt gold bunny at half price. ya know...just enough chocolate to cancel out the exercise that I got doing a three hour walk.

Day 40


I'm tired. Mika has been having some tummyaches the past day or so that have been messing her sleep and nap cycles. Which means that my sleep schedule is even more crazy! ah well...she's worth it all.

I noticed this morning how much she talks. Of course, its wee baby talk...just these sounds, but she uses different tones and inflections that make it sound as though she is truly trying to converse. And apparently has a lot to say. Mika was kind enough to not put up a huge fuss and fight and be carried in the Snugli this morning so I could get the condo a little bit tidied. A little bit. She and I chatted the whole time. I explained to her what I was doing and why and she made her comments.
Before yesterday, I only really noticed her talking to Rooney2, her stuffed raccoon and cribmate.
Right now, she's overtired and in her swing. Her eyes are almost shut, but she's fighting it to talk to the plastic fish that's attached to the swing. Her 10AM nap lasted all of 20 minutes because her stomach was bothering her. Took another half an hour to get her to stop screaming. Am now letting the swing do its best to lull her back to sleep. So much for today's nap schedule. I'm currently being a "bad parent" and letting Mika sleep in her swing. I will leave her there for as long as she sleeps because its been such a nightmare trying to calm her today that the last thing I would do is disturb her now that she is calm. Besides, I bet she'll only sleep there for 15 minutes anyway.

Hoping to stroll Mika to the mall to get a brush for washing her bottle nipples. Using the wound corner of the dishcloth is getting too irritating. Also need some razor blades for Daddy...maybe a Second Cup coffee for Mommy.

oh...she's awake again. So much for 15 minutes...more like 5. Ack!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Day 39

Yay! Mika has a G4 now. She's all about the music, photos, videos, and the internet.
Uncle Lucas and Auntie Jenn came by this afternoon and dropped off the computer. Mika displayed the awesome power of her butt for them. You know, the wash-her-off-in-the-sink kind of power. Thankfully, it wasn't an "Oh my god, fill up her bathtub - up the back - she's stuck to the changepad" type of day. The cable guy came, replaced some jumpers and splitters and stuff outside. We went for a walk for about an hour or so. Mika napped at regular intervals for decent amounts of time...it was just a day...but a pretty good day because Mika smiled a few more times and that's about all I need right now to make a day 'good'.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekend Details and Thank You's

Thank you to Grandma Sherman for the beautiful silver photo frame. Its holds six photos in slightly varying sizes and has wee silver bottles and bunnies and other good baby things adorning it. Thanks to Nana for mending Mika's pink jumper and the helium balloon! Thanks to Auntie Anna and Uncle David for the books Goodnight Moon! and Nursery Rhymes. Thanks to Uncle Justin and Great-Auntie Urs for the baby book. Thanks to the Easter Bunny at Grandma's for the foot rattles and Peter Rabbit book. Thanks to Great-Auntie Laura and Uncle Brian for the HBC gift card. Thanks to the mystery person (Was that you Tami?) who had their friend Ian drop off a gift consisting of two pairs of fuzzy jammies, an awesome orange Chopstick! shirt and the most beautiful dress.

We got up early on Saturday morning and headed over to Nana's for her Easter Brunch. We were a few minutes late, as is the norm nowadays. I felt badly about it this time though as we were bringing the coffee! Terrible thing that...being late with the coffee.
The only person coming that Mika had met already was her Ur-Oma. She met her Uncles Steve, Justin, and David for the first time as well as her Aunties Anna and Darlene. Mika also met her cousins Jackson and Lucas for the first time! Though she didn't see much of Jackson as he was getting over the stomach flu and kept his distance lest he be contagious still. The brunch was wonderful...the first time that I enjoyed crepes! Usually I find them kind of yucky. Mika joined the table via Auntie Anna's lap. She was the only baby at the table! Cousin Lucas hung out on the floor in the living room while Jackson toured the house in Nana's arms.
After Nana's we headed home for a little while and then back out to the Sherman's Easter Dinner. Mom had a feast as usual, even though we were the only guests this year. I won't complain though because it was awesome! We had a great time hanging out with the family.

We discovered that Mika is most likely allergic to cigarette smoke. Grandpa and Grandma Sherman don't smoke, but the girls do. They smoked in rooms where Mika wasn't, but it still affected her. I accidentally walked in with Mika to the rooms where they were smoking a couple of times too. That night, Mika's breathing was very weezy and laboured. Scared her Daddy and I rather well. I put the warm mist humidifier in her room until it was as humid as a jungle and she sounded much better in the morning. Needless to say, we're going to make sure that Mika avoids cigarette smoke as much as possible.

Sunday we got up and dressed in our finest and went to visit G. The Easter Bunny had left some chocolate that we needed to deliver. We got out of there later than we should have. Nana was already at our place waiting when we got back shortly after three in the afternoon. The four of us (Mika, Nana, Mommy and Daddy) piled into Daddy's car and headed to Grandma and Grandpa Ted's for supper. Uncle Lucas and Auntie Jenn were there and we met cousins Alice and Jamie for the first time. Other first meetings included Auntie Diane, Auntie Annette, Auntie Angie, Great-Auntie Alice, Uncle Brian, and Uncle Jim. Oh, and Richard..a friend of Auntie Annette and Uncle Brians. We feasted well there too and Mika had fun being doted on as usual.

Mika's sleep patterns are all skooky now from the busy weekend. We're working on getting her back into a normal routine again. She's been cranky all weekend.

Day 38 - The Zoo

Mika had her first trip to the Storyland Valley Zoo today. We saw all kinds of kewl animals...the best were the Otters, Sea Lions, and Red Pandas!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Day 37

Much the same as yesterday. We had an excellent day. Tired. Will post details tomorrow sometime.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Day 36

Met all the relatives, had a good time at dinner. details to follow. tired. must sleep.

Friday, March 25, 2005

5 Weeks Old!

Mika is 5 weeks old as of today. She seems so long/tall now. And heavy. She's growing too fast...I wish she could just stay her current wee self.
Mika smiled at her Auntie Amber today. A non-gas smile.
Mika had another 'first' today - Her first trip to a sit-down restaurant. We were hungry when we left Grandma Jude's today so Auntie Amber, Daddy, Mika, and I went to Ricky's. She slept the entire time we were there. It rocked! I can't wait to go back to Moon Garden for a #52 - No Peanuts! Now that she's been out to a restaurant once, it should be OK to continue braving it and seeing how Mika does.

Another busy day tomorrow with brunch at Nana's and dinner with the Shermans. Mika will be meeting her cousins for the first time tomorrow. Jackson will be 2 years old in July and Lucas will be 3 months old beginning of April. The other "first meetings" tomorrow include her Uncle Steve and Aunt Darlene, Uncle Justin, Great-Aunt Anna and Uncle David.

Need sleep. Diapers still drying. Must put away diaper stock before sleeping. Its a mad mad mad mad world.

Thanks Grandma Jude and Emily! Hello Auntie!

Mika finally met her Auntie Amber and Grandma Jude today. Of course, she was on her best behavior while we were out visiting. Mika also met her 'cousins' Nathin and Scott. The Yeo clan, minus Shana (sp?) were at Grandma Jude's today because they were setting out on a Costa Rican adventure a la Auntie Amber to celebrate the boys' upcoming 16th Birthdays. Hope everything goes well and a good time is had by all.
We also had a visit with G, but forgot the camera this time to get pictures. Too bad because G had her hair done in french braids. It looked awesome! So different from her current Einstein look. Or her Samurai or Hare Krishna look when the nurses put it all into a ponytail atop her head.
Mika fussed through the G visit today. A little overtired from her earlier outing perhaps.

Thanks Grandma Jude for the sweet Winnie the Pooh doll and the uber sweet Joe Boxer PJ's. In red!! Mika looks smashing in red.
Thanks to Emily (Auntie Amber's Step-Mom) for the beautiful handmade sweater. Its one of those sweaters that when you see it, you say: "OMG - Someone actually made that? Without a machine?" It's just that pretty...its white! Will go perfectly in Mika's Easter outfit for tomorrow. Maybe for Sunday as well if Mika a) Keeps it clean or b) I do laundry either when I get home tomorrow night or before we leave on Sunday morning.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Day 34

We didn't do much today. Mika didn't sleep in as she usually does. She was up at 4:30-5ish this morning. Again at 7:10, 8:00 and 9:00 AM. We puttered around doing chores as I was able to get Mika to bounce contentedly in the baby carrier. I think she was in there for over half an hour today which is a new record. Mika spent her afternoon feeding and sleeping on me. Daddy got home a few mins early, I made supper, we ate, and went to Safeway to get groceries for the weekend. Exciting, eh? Mika is still on her kick about screaming when I put her down during the day. If she gets into a deep enough sleep, I can usually put her down for a nap for about half an hour to an hour. But she has to be sound asleep or she wakes instantly and demands to be in my arms again. Silly Baby!

Tomorrow Auntie Amber is coming by. We all have to get to bed early so that we can pick up Amber at a decent time! Then we'll try to make it out for a visit with G in the afternoon.

Mika has had her final feeding before she goes to bed so I am going to enjoy a much deserved beer. Yay Me!!

Mika Music

Instead of leaving iTunes on shuffle and going through my mp3's, I decided to play some full albums for Mika.
Yesterday she listened to Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation and Sheik Yerbouti from Frank Zappa and the Ramones Mania album. Today's selections are Bach's Brandenburg Concertos 1, 2, and 4. When we're through those, its either Ella Fitzgerald's Best of the Ballads or Great Big Sea's Up album. Maybe we'll get time for both!
I'm hoping that she'll have quite eclectic taste in music. In the car, she only gets to hear CJSR. When Daddy's not looking, Mika and I watch MuchMusic...RapCity and the Punk Show!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Day 33 Con't. - Strolling and Poo Hell

I was either holding or carrying around Mika pretty much non-stop from 11AM to 3PM today. At around 3PM, my back finally had enough and I took her out strolling. It may have been -10, but at least it was sunny! Not that Mika ever really knows how cold it can get out there. When its cold out, she's safe in the stroller pod..the wee cave made from pulling the canopies from the stroller and attached car seat and covering the whole thing in a blanket. Today in the pod, she had her polar fleece bear suit on over her clothes and a double thick blanket folded in half covering her. Luckily, she didn't require medical attention for heat exhaustion.

Strolling was difficult. The condo folks hadn't anyone out to do the walks in either the complex itself or the public sidewalks. Crossing the streets were no easier. Far too much snow. It was like the snow was shoveled every two blocks on and off. When we got to the mall, the parking lot hadn't been cleared and it was very tough to get through. At certain points I was pulling the stroller through instead of pushing. Or taking it up onto the two back wheels and trying to force the stroller through the snow like some kind of plow. Mika slept through it all.

We needed to go to the mall for more diaper liners. Mika is not even 5 weeks old and she has gone through well over 200 diapers. This we know because we put flushable liners in her cotton diapers and have gone through 2 rolls of 100 sheets. All those liners, plus the disposables used when out shopping or visiting and the cottons where the liner has been left out. (If you feel that there won't be a poo by the next change or something, you can leave out the liner. Softer to the skin that way too.) *Well* over 200 diapers. Yikes.

While on the subject, Mika also had the poo to end all poo's today. It was so gross that I just have to share it. We got our first taste of the "What do you mean the baby shat all up her back?" diaper. Her cute little diaper shirt is now soaking in the sink to help get the stains out. It was the kind of diaper where wiping and rediapering is not an option. This was a "Danny, can you please fill up Mika's bathtub?" diaper. This was a "Hey Danny, Mika hasn't pooped in three days, I'm kind of concerned." diaper. Needless to say, we are no longer concerned about Mika being constipated. This was the first time that the bathtub was needed for a diaper change. There was one a few weeks ago that we *could* have used the bathtub, but a cloth did the trick. A cloth was not going to do the trick this time. We're talking poo from her feet to her neck. She stuck to the cloth of the change pad. Seriously. When I went to pick her up, she was totally stuck to the change pad. My sweet little girl. Wee cute little baby...I am amazed at what she can do.

Daddy picked us up from the mall and we went to visit G. Mika had a good nap in G's arms. We didn't leave until 8PM. We came home, Mika fed for awhile, had the diaper from hell and a bath, had a screaming fit, fed some more and has been sleeping now for an hour and a half. Bedtime for me too...

Day 33

Mika slept from 7AM to 11AM this morning! My back is screaming in agony from carrying her around. She screams when I put her down though. Folding diapers with one hand is no easy feat.

Hopefully she will nap soon....otherwise we're off to trudge across the tundra so that Mika will sleep!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Day 31/32

Ack! I missed the Day 31 post!

Ah well..was nothing very exciting happened. We hung out inside due to the weather. We didn't go visit G, again, due to the weather. Mika had a few smiles for me which was really cool. 'Twas her usual routine of feeding and sleeping and looking around at stuff. She's amazing at holding her head up for such a wee young thing.

Today has been much of the same. Repeat weather conditions. Mika had a bath this morning, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Her baby acne looked to be getting better, but is back this morning as bad as ever. I put anti-scratch mittens on her today so that her scratching doesn't make the condition worse or cause permanent scarring on her face. We danced to the Ramones a bit, I took her on a tour of the pictures on the wall leading up to the loft. We talked about computers and stuff. When she wakes from her current nap, after a change and a feed, it's story time featuring The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Whee!!
Yesterday, I managed to get G's taxes completed. Just need her to sign and it's done.
Today I am attempting to bake cookies. It has to be done in stages during her naps. Speaking of which, I hear her stirring....

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Day 30

Today was rather uneventful, which is how I like it!

Mika had her usual night routine waking every 2 hours or so for a snack. She slept in because it's Sunday and that's what you do on a Sunday. We had breakfast and went and did the Sunday shopping. Came home, talked to Grandpa on the phone, made supper, etc. etc.
The only eventful items of the day were things that Mika spewed.
She shat twice her body weight two times today. Well...it seemed that way anyway. This morning, it took both her Daddy and me to get her changed. Another time early this evening, I could hear her Dad exclaiming "Oh my god!" from her room due to the unholy mess she had made. I mean...she poops regularly, but today the poops were bigger than usual. She must have been saving up.
Mika also spit up right down the inside of my shirt this morning. My last clean nursing bra covered in baby barf!! How she manages these things, I just don't know. It's a talent.
So this is what my life has become...I get a moment of peace and I blog about what my baby spews. It's actually a pretty good life.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

A Good Start to a New Month..and a few Thank You's

As Grandpa Dean said she would be, Mika was safe and sound being babysat by her Nana this evening. We knew she would be just fine with Nana as well, but being away from Mika for the first time was hard regardless.
Daddy got up at the crack of dawn with Mika and they let me sleep til after 11am. 11AM!!! From 8-ish to 11...close to 3 full hours of uniterrupted sleep. I feel so spoiled. As always, Mika had a good morning with her Daddy. Once I was up, we started trying to get the house in a bit of order. I did some laundry and general tidy-up duties and Daddy vacuumed. Auntie Fran came over in the afternoon to meet Mika. Thanks to Auntie Fran for the two cute outfits, especially the official 'Rosebud' outfit that Mika will be wearing to Easter brunch at Nana's. Nana's nickname for Mika is Rosebud so the dress is really appropriate. Thanks, too, for Mika's stuffed elephant rattle and Royal Doulton Bunnykins Soap. (Can this kid get any more decadent with her bath goods?) AND the awesome smelling handcrafted Italian soap for Mom and Dad. Mmm..Lilac and Scottish Broom! We are spoiled as much as Mika, really.
After Auntie Fran left to go do her book shopping, we got ready and went to Nana's. Mika was off to her first adventure in being babysat. Daddy and I packed half the house and hauled it over. I say first 'adventure' as she was looked after for a few hours by Nana here at the condo while I was in emergency for the kidney infection and Daddy came to hang out and wait with me, but this was her first outing. Nana was giving us a break to go and celebrate Mika's first month birthday. We walked in the snow over to Brewsters for a tasty pub dinner and a much-needed pint. (Brewsters is a microbrewery and their raspberry beer rocks! I know it sounds awful, raspberry beer, but trust me..its freakin' tasty.) Daddy and I even got a game of pool in before we wandered back home to get the car to pick up the kid.
It took us a while to actually get out to the restaurant. We came back home after dropping her off and went into instant worry mode and stumbled around the condo missing her like mad. I washed her diapers. Folded and put away her clothes. Changed the linen in her crib. Sterilized bottle parts. We looked at a huge bag of hand-me-downs from Margaret Bogash. And talked about Mika. Her Dad was missing her to the point of thinking that he could still hear her in the condo though she was at Nana's. And he was sober! Finally after the baby chores were done, we ventured out for the above mentioned dinner. And though we told Nana we'd be there to pick Mika up between 9 and 10PM, we ended up arriving to get her right at 8:59PM. Honestly. I can't imagine parents being more sucky than we are. Mika had fun at Nana's. She had some good sleeps and good bottle feeds (bottle feeds are good times as the milk just drips right in to her mouth, none of the work of suckling as with breast feeds) and, of course, Mika makes a peep and Nana will pick her up. Nana said that Mika even gave her smiles! Smiles are still a rarity with Mika, so she must have been having a good time. She enjoys seeing faces that are different from Mom and Dad.
Thanks to Margaret Bogash for another big bag of handmedowns as mentioned earlier in the post. Mika now has two full snowsuits for next year, PJ's and overalls and all sorts of clothes for when she is bigger. Margaret and Don also gifted Mika with a new denim dress and matching purse, handknit slipper booties, and a little porcelain Anne of Green Gables doll. Very cute.

Mika has been sleeping soundly in her crib since we got home. She is so good. I adore her more than anything. In fact, I want to go wake her up just to cuddle her and tell her how much she is loved. But I am smart enough to let sleeping babies lie.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy One-Month Birthday, Mika-Moo

Mika has managed to make it to her one-month birthday! Yay!

She's currently enjoying her day by sleeping naked in her parents bed. On a change pad of course.
Mika gets very little naked time and *loves* sleeping in our bed. Plus I had no idea what else to do for a one-month old. Daddy and I will celebrate the occasion tomorrow with dinner out on the town sans Mika. I feel badly that we are going to celebrate her bday without her, but she gets to go spend the afternoon/evening at Nana's. Plus, her Auntie Fran is going to come and meet her tomorrow, so she'll be pleased. New faces please her Highness.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Day 27

Mika has another good day. She fed a lot, napped a little, and made her Mom's life as difficult as she could..what are daughters for, after all?
It really does seem that if we don't go for an afternoon walk, there is not a good afternoon sleep. Which sucks when it's -10 and snowing. Though we should learn to suck it up and get out there anyway. Maybe tomorrow.
Really, after the early early morning of projectile puking and screaming and making Daddy late for work, Mika was pretty good today. She's just hungry often. I don't know why she doesn't feed longer instead of these 5-15 min stints. Maybe one day she will tell me. Everything is done in short spurts with her. Quick feed, quick nap, quick pee, and gawd help you, make it a quick diaper change or she'll freak out. Repeat throughout the day and night.
Tomorrow she will be one month old. Craziness. This is all happening so fast! Well....all except for her smiling and sleeping through the night. Its really too much for new parents to ask for...a baby who will smile periodically and sleep through the night.

My csection wound is still sore and I still weigh more than I ever should. Ugh. All in good time, Daddy says. I say Now!! Make it all happen right now!!! I don't have the patience to handle healing and weight loss well as neither of them happen fast enough for me. Like...within a month of having a baby. A month is the longest I can wait without getting upset about it. Thankfully, I shouldn't experience PMS for awhile as that would make things much much worse. Much worse. :-)

Happy First St. Patrick's Day, Mika!

Projectile Puking

Mika had her first projectile puke. This morning. 3AM this morning, to be precise. All over her mother's PJ's, blanket, and comforter. Oy yoi yoi.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Day 26

We were housebound due to poor weather conditions today. It really makes a difference. Mika probably had less than an hours worth of sleep this afternoon in 15-30 min. stints. When we are out strolling, she will sleep for 3 hours straight. What a difference.
She was quite the terror today wanting only to feed and cry with a little bit of quiet wakefulness in between. When she is awake and happy, its fun to tour her around the house explaining what's what and reading to her, if she is not insisting on being carried or bounced. But the lack of naps will eventually kill me if it keeps up. I have two more days of bad weather to spend alone with her then two days of bad weather to spend sharing with Daddy.
Friday marks Mika's one month birthday. How do you celebrate when you're a month old? What on earth could we do for her? I guess maybe let her have some naked time in a warm steam-filled bathroom or something. Daddy and I are celebrating by taking 4-5 hours to ourselves on Saturday. Nana is going to babysit over at her place...thanks Nana! Its only Wednesday night and I am already getting all anxiety ridden over being away from Mika come Saturday. Am I the biggest suck or what? I hope I don't drive Nana nuts by calling every half hour to check on them. Maybe every hour instead.


Once Daddy got home and supper out of the way, we loaded Mika into the car and went to Safeway to get groceries. 30 seconds into being in the car seat and she was out cold until we got home again. I need lots and lots of money...it would seem that shopping is the only way to keep Mika quiet and/or sleeping.

It's 9:30pm and she has fallen back to sleep. I keep hearing the odd sob or whine through the monitor, but I think she's making the noises in her sleep.

Mika's baby acne looked much worse today too. I wonder if it is bothering her, like itching or anything. It should peak in about another week and *hopefully* start getting better. My poor baby. I wonder if I will have such sympathy for her when she breaks out again as a teenager..

Feeling like a shmuck

Whenever I enforce naptime, I feel about 2 inches tall.
Mika needs some kind of routine in her life. She's being 'forced' to bed at about 9PM (give or take 10 mins) nightly. Sometimes it goes really well, other times it doesn't.
I have been trying to do a similar thing with afternoon naps. I guess noon isn't the best time for a nap..I should switch her to 1PM. Nonetheless, today at noon I knew she was tired. Eyes drooping and dropping, screams to end all screams. So I put her in her crib. Not before a cuddly dance and winding the mobile for a lullaby. 20 mins later and she is still crying. This is what happens in the evenings as well. It makes me feel like complete and total dirt even though its supposedly what is best for Mika. We always make sure she is not hungry nor in need of a diaper change before putting her down, but Mika acts as though she has a full diaper and has not been fed in weeks.
I have a feeling this part won't get any easier. I'm sure when I'm PMS-ing that I will be curled up in a ball outside her bedroom door bawling along with her as nothing makes my heart feel ripped from my chest like her crying alone in her crib.

The enforced sleep times is the worst part of being a parent so far.

On a lighter note, I decided against swallowing an entire container of green food colouring to try and make the breastmilk green for St. Paddy's tomorrow. The weather won't be conducive to parading either, so I guess Mika and I will listen to some celtic tunes and I will read to her from our book of classic Irish short stories. You know...the ones where someone dies within the first paragraph and it gets more depressing from there? Good Stuff!! Always have the Oscar Wilde treasury as a backup to the short stories, should they not go over well. But his children's stories are rather brutal too. Ah well..prepare the kidlet early in life for the harsh realities...or something.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Day 25

Whew...another day, another stroll.
Daddy did something really cool this morning. He took the 5:30AM shift! When I heard Mika stirring, I simply poked him and he got up and tended to business. I had planned to stay up and make sure he was really OK with such an early awakening, but fell back into a deep deep sleep before he even got out of the room with the baby. I awoke again at 7:45AM to Mika mewing in her bassinet. I wake before she starts actually wailing and screaming almost every time now. Almost.
Being the lazy girls that we are (hey...being a queen and/or princess allows one to take certain liberties!), Mika and I fell back to sleep for another two hours.
Today I noticed how she is progressing from a newborn to a one-month old. Mika will spend up to half an hour quietly observing and testing her world. I caught her today hitting the toys hanging from her chair. I put her down in it for a quick nap as I knew she would only sleep for 20 mins or so before wanting more food (mother's intuition!) She dozed for maybe 10-15 mins and woke up and seemed to be playing with the toys. I know she is very young and I have also witnessed her accidentally batting the dangly toys. Today, though, she was looking at them and, I swear, swatting deliberately and watching the toy swing back and forth. A week or so ago, she liked it when I would swing the toy when I noticed her staring at one of them. Her movements are becoming a lot less jerky too. Especially her head. She can head-butt like a true Irishwoman. Made the inside of my lip bleed.
I also saw her smile today. And I don't think it was just gas this time. It was a real "Hi Mom, glad you didn't forget about me in this chair and look what I can do now (swat swat at the toy)". I really hate the delay on the digital camera between when you depress the button and when the pic snaps. Even without the flash, its too long of a delay to catch some of the finer baby moments. Needless to say, I don't have a Mika's First Real Smile picture. Except in my mind. Mika's smiling face would melt even the Grinch's heart. Today I saw both the mildly amused 'small' smile and the full, open mouth "I am too happy to contain myself" smile. I was so pleased by her that I had to laugh out loud. I also thought my heart would explode and that I might just cry, but I managed to contain myself.
Mika and I went for a long walk today to the mall. She was having a mid-afternoon freak out that I could not quell. I tried everything that I knew of to calm her and she just kept screaming bloody murder. So I unfolded the stroller and emailed her Daddy to ask that he please pick us up from the mall after work as the forecast called for snow later in the afternoon. As soon as she was in her carseat which was 'clicked' into the stroller, she fell asleep. Mika slept for the walk over to the mall and for the first 10 mins or so of being in the mall. She quietly awoke and was content to listen to the mall din and just look around and absorb everything. Before she had a chance to ask (read: scream loudly), I took her to the parents room at the Bay and checked her diaper and let her have a good feed. She was awake when I put her back into the stroller, but quickly fell asleep. She slept for two and a half hours as I wandered aimlessly through the mall. All I really needed were some more flushable diaper liners and another tub of zinc cream, but being female, I managed to kill all that time in the mall anyway. Got some nice new nursing shirts! whee!
Daddy came and met us after work. We grabbed some noodles from T&T and headed home. Just as it started to snow.
I actually cooked supper tonight too. Me. Cooking. And it tasted good! We had stirfried pepper chicken and broccoli on basmati rice.
Mika had her bath with a little protest tonight and was in her crib by 9pm.
I grabbed Daddy's last beer and headed into the bath myself after Mika's bath. My half hour of much needed alone time with a cold beer, hot bath, and new bath pillow. Ok, its really just one of Grandma Sherman's empty wine bags, but it makes a fine bath pillow and she didn't even charge me the 30 cent recycle refund to take it home with me last saturday. Am I easy to please or what?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Day 24 Continued

The doctors appointment went well! Getting down there via Edmonton Transit was a breeze. Getting home was a little bit more of a challenge due to the crowded bus, but we made it!
Mika's doctor is really quite pleased with her progress. She's gained weight (9lbs, 12 oz), her head has grown (didn't get the measurements), and she grew another 2cm in length. The doc says she must be getting a good dose of breastmilk daily as that is the cause of Mika's baby acne. She's taking in my estrogen via the milk. The condition typically peaks at 5 weeks old and slowly tapers off from there. My poor baby...she looks like a miniature 14 year old.
Mika has been given the doc's OK to start using a pacifier. Funny...Daddy and I had tried giving her one earlier and she would take it for all of 30 seconds. I tried again after we got home with the doc's OK and she's loving it. Almost like she understands english and was waiting for the green light from a better authority than her parents.
Mika has also been given a prescription for vitamin D drops...gotta make sure she's absorbing that calcium!
Mika went and visited the law firm where Mom used to work many years ago. She was a hit, as usual. We went up and visited with Grandma after so Mika could be fed a bottle by anyone other than her Mom..and to visit with her other friends up there.
Thanks to Kathy and Carla for a wicked cute card, jeans, and pink mouse tshirt! I don't know of a baby who is even nearly as spoiled as Mika. She really lives up to her Princess status.

Weather is not supposed to be all that great tomorrow..we may be housebound!! God help us all...
Even though it was getting late and we didn't get there til 7PM, Mika went for a visit with her great great granny today. If its snowy and cold, Mika's doesn't go out in the evenings.

Day 24

We're off to the doctor for another checkup today. I hope Mika's has regained the 20 grams that she had lost when we were there two weeks ago. I'll be surprised if she is still under her birth weight with the way she feeds.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Day 23 Continued

We had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa's. Mika slept a little, screamed a little, ate a lot.
Mika sends her thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the outfits that she received. 3 outfits with matching socks and hats! Grandma's not too keen on Mika going out and about wearing her baggy plaid pants and black t-shirt, so she made sure that Mika has a good stock of pink clothing.
Daddy and I get such a nice break when we go out visiting as other people tend to Mika save for her diaper changes, which I don't mind doing. Though...if anyone out there ever goes to change Mika's diaper, please remember to remove her shoes and socks.
Mika enjoyed her Uncle Lucas' Codewarrior shirt. She's either going to be a Mac developer or her vision is still limited and she's taken with black and white patterns...

The Stinkerbean went to bed fairly easily tonight. She had a long day. I hope she sleeps well tonight. Tomorrow we're up early and off to the Doctor again for another checkup!

Day 23

Oh man oh man...Mika would not go back to sleep after her 3AM-ish feed. I have no idea what the problem was but she was fussy and loud. I finally got her to sleep by putting her in between Daddy and I on her left side and holding her close while I lay on my right side. I couldn't move close to two hours. If I so much as went to take my arm back from around her, she woke and screamed.

More later...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day 22

Another fine day! I took the 2:35-3:00 and 3:35-4:30 shifts with Mika this morning and her Daddy kindly took the 6:30 and 8:30 shifts and let me sleep!!! I sure love weekends!
We had a nice leisurely morning too when all three of us were finally awake. Daddy had made whole wheat blueberry muffins *and* green onion cakes by the time I got up..plus he anticipated my wake time and a fresh pot of coffee had been brewed! Yay! Daddy and I showered and then gave Mika a bath. We slowly got ready and made our way over to the Shermans for a belated birthday visit with Auntie Shawndee and the family.
Mika loved it there...I think it was the din of all the voices. She slept like a wee lamb for most of the time. Went through three bottles and a nursing session. Auntie Shawndee bought her an awesome Dolphin hoodie towel and Grandma Sherman presented her with her very own silver spoon. Is this kid spoiled or what? Like...seriously.
It would appear that Mika sleeps much better while being held. I guess that is probably the case for many babies. She was passed from person to person...Mom only got her when it was time for a diaper change and feeding. That's OK though...I get her all day all week long. Mika even got to watch a bit of Law and Order on Grandpa's new HDTV that he's got mounted on the wall in their bedroom. I was nursing her in there. Cee-cee (one of the kitties) was not impressed with Mika. She gave Mika a quick sniff when we initially arrived. I changed Mika's diaper on the bed where Ceece was sleeping..sleeping until the shriek of Mika sent the cat flying.

We'll be back at the end of the month for Easter!

I'd post more, but I'm tired and in need of sleep...

Tomorrow its off to Grandma's for dinner and to hopefully meet Uncle Lucas

Friday, March 11, 2005

Happy 3 Week Birthday, Mika!

Well...I had a post completed...and the stupid internet ate it! Stupid server errors...


Mika is almost a month old now and I cannot believe how the time has flown. Seems like yesterday that Daddy and I were agreeing that we would never be fully ready to have kids, so let's just go for it now and deal with the consequences. A month later, Mika was conceived. Now she's holding her head up for minutes and minutes on end, trying to crawl when put on her tummy, making sounds that are neither screaming or crying, copying facial expressions and a few other things that only new parents will marvel about.

Mika and I were going to hit the mall today and get more diaper liners and cream, but the wind warnings and rain potential kept us in. The rain we could have dealt with, but that wind was brutal and I was concerned she would get a nasty earache from it. Maybe when she's 30 I'll learn to ease up on the as-of-yet unfounded concerns.
Instead Mika ate every hour, slept a bit, and danced. OK, I danced with her in my arms...she really seems to enjoy it. More than my singing, anyway, which I can't blame her for.
Mika also screamed in tummy pain for awhile. Instead of putting her down to cry it out, I just held and rocked her and tried to ignore the fact that I was becoming more and more deaf as the screaming continued. Her screams seemed more urgent and stemming from actual pain than the usual hunger, fatigue, and minor gas screams. Eventually she fell asleep on my shoulder and stayed there for an hour or so. Then she got up and ate more. *sigh*
She's currently sleeping so that she has energy to greet and demand a bottle from Daddy when he gets home. We sure do love when Daddy comes home...:-)

And its friday. I know this because I remember asking Daddy what day it was yesterday. Progress is being made...I can remember something about yesterday. I'm like a newborn myself lately in that I have no recollection of anything that happened 15 minutes or more beforehand.
And being that it's friday means that its eat-out day! Yay..no cooking or dishes tonight!

Daddy's home! Off to greet and thank him profusely for coming home.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


If Mika turns out to be an odd kid or have some kind of mental issues, it will be all our, her parents, fault. (As if people didn't know that already)

Due to her being extremely 'poopy' in her first few days of life, we called her Mika Meconium for awhile. Like..for the past 20 days, she probably has heard that name once daily. Mika also gets called Pooh Face a lot...in the nicest way of course...and usually only when she is actually making her pooh face...usually.
Her other, less offensive and crude, nicknames are Funky Stinkerbean, Mewling and Mika-Moo.

Her Daddy made up new lyrics to twinkle twinkle little star for her based on the Mika-Moo name:

Mika Mika Mika Moo
six plus four minus eight is two
If you don't want Mika's wrath
You better not mess with her Math
Mika Mika Mika Moo
six plus four minus eight is two

If there was ever any question that her parents would end up warping her innocent mind, its now answered.

We're such dorks. Poor Mika. Please know that your Mom doesn't *try* to warp you, its just what comes naturally.

Day 20

Nana came over this morning and stayed til noon. She held Mika for three hours straight. Nana sang songs, fed formula, and let herself be slept upon. She came by to give me some time to sleep or run errands or whatever I wanted/needed to do, but instead I baked fat-free muffins and visited.
Mika and I waited around all day for Shaw to show up to fix our intermittent cable issue. The Cable Guy was supposed to be here at some point between 12 and 4pm. At 4, I loaded up Mika in her stroller and took off for a walk as it was really nice out today and I didn't want to miss the chance for a walk. Daddy called Shaw and blasted them while we were out. When we got home an hour later, lo and behold, there was a Cable Guy looking irate and waiting in his van outside the condo. When Daddy called, Shaw told him they would dispatch someone out immediately. He told the Shaw rep that no one was home now until 5:30, but they must have just sent someone anyway. All that just to tell us that they are going to rewire the whole condo unit. Dorks.

Mika and I had a nice hour long stroll. We went to the local pool to find out how old she has to be before she can start swimming classes. 4 months old is the magic age, so we'll be starting this summer. We also strolled past the daycare across the street just to peek in at how it looked. We didn't actually glimpse the inside, but the kids outside seemed happy enough and were being well supervised. A good sign. Daddy got a tip about a really good daycare that's not too far from here either. I'll have to give them a call soon and see what the waiting list and prices are like.

Mika smiled at me today...and I don't think it was gas, but it *could* have been. She's also started to make little noises that are not crying. I wouldn't call it 'cooing', but as long as it isn't crying/screaming/shrieking, its cool. She also imitated me, though it could have been natural fear. I looked at her up close and opened my eyes as wide as I could and Mika did the same. So..it was either imitation or genuine fear of the bug-eyed creature staring down at her.


Was just gonna start a post...but the baby monitor is crying at me..gotta run!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Day 19

Our first full day without Daddy around...and we lived! Mika was pretty easy to care for...just a little bit of screaming here and there. She took her naps well, which was a nice change. She played in her Gymini and napped there for a bit...hung out in her swing, and was carted around the house.
I read to her from Khalil Gibran's The Prophet. As usual, she feasted like a madwoman. I didn't get much done, mind you. Got a load of laundry into the washer and that was it. It's hard to do much when you have one arm holding a baby to your boob. All. Day. Long.
Now that Daddy's home I can finish the laundry, wash her diapers, and maybe have a shower and change my clothes. You see...he's fed her the supplemental formula so I get a break for a couple of hours.
Mika is currently screaming her lungs out in her crib...another 20 mins or so and she will sleep for perhaps and hour..maybe two.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Day 18

I feel so much better today with only one days worth of meds in me. Though it could be those percocets too. In fact, the only 'bad' things that I am feeling are the csection wound and nausea from above mentioned meds. And guilt for Daddy having to stay home from work again.

Mika doesn't seem affected whatsoever from the pills getting into her milk supply. I was kind of hoping the pain killers would make her extra tired, but no dice.

She fed like a demon again last night. And all day today.

Mika had visits with both her G and Nana today. Seeing as Daddy was home again today to make sure all was well, we took a short trip down to Nana's so he could help her move in an exercise machine. Mika had never been there before..another first. First trip to Nana's!

I showered this morning and then bathed Mika right after because the bathroom was steam-filled and warm. She enjoyed her bath as always. As I was drying her, she peed all over herself and me. So much for the bath and shower!

Mika is a colicky baby for sure. She cries for at least 20 minutes before falling asleep. We do a diaper and hunger check before putting her down, so we know its neither of those causing the cries. The 'tricks' for alleviating gas don't seem to make a difference either. It's frustrating because she will fall asleep on one of our shoulders or in her swing or *wherever*, but as soon as we put her down in the crib or bassinet, she is up and screaming. Whether she is on her side or her back does not make a difference either. Of course, if we bring her into our bed, she'll fall asleep instantly. We just don't want to continue that habit. I feel horrible about it when I know that if she was nestled between her mom and dad that she would be happy, but instead leave her to cry beside us in the bassinet. Tough love at 18 days old...she's the one who cries, but I swear that it hurts me more than it does her. I am willing to compromise with her though. I'll lie down with her in my bed for morning or afternoon naps, but nighttime is crib/bassinet. Sound fair?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Day 17

Not much to post about Mika today. Daddy went back to work, but came home at noon and will be home again tomorrow.
I woke up at 3AM with the worst pain in my right lower back. The kind of pain where you can't walk and get so sick that water won't stay down. We thought it was from me overdoing it with walking and housework and being stressed out about my first day alone with Mika.
Daddy came home to look after Mika while I went to Emergency. I have a kidney infection!
Not sure how that happened, but boy does it hurt. Well..it did hurt until I took two percocets on an empty stomach.
While we were home alone together this morning, Mika behaved very well. I think she sensed I was hurting. It took all of my strength just to feed and change her. I feel good knowing that even when I am at my worst, at least I can manage the basics for her.
Nana dropped by at 1 this afternoon and the timing couldn't have been better. She dropped me off in emerg and then looked after Mika so Daddy could come and be with me.
Thanks Nana for rescuing us...again

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Day 16

Another fine day, though we didn't get to visit Auntie Shawndee for her birthday. We're hoping to get over there next weekend.

Mika went for another visit with her great great granny. Both granny and Mika were feeling fussy today. I think visits go better later in the afternoon than earlier. Good thing we went though as G had refused to go to the "mess hall" for lunch claiming that she knew all they would give her was a wet, soggy three-day old sandwich. We brought her a couple of Daddy's homemade blueberry yogurt muffins so at least she ate and got something close to healthy in her. She was going to just fill up on cookies.
After the visit, we went down to Whyte avenue for a stroll. Mika's first time on Whyte. It was a little chilly because of the wind. Mika behaved herself fairly well...only a bit of screaming, once due to hunger right when we got down on the avenue. She had fed off me for a good 20 minutes before we left G's, but it obviously was not enough. She screamed again after an hour or so because she had filled her diaper beyond capacity. I was very pleased to discover that the Chapters/Starbucks on Whyte has a change table in the men's washroom! Yay!
Daddy remembered to pack some formula in the diaper bag, but forgot Mika's hat and change pad at home. Ah well..one day we'll actually leave the house with everything that we need...maybe.

A Good Visit!

Mika had a good visit with her family from High Prairie last night. She was sleeping at first, but soon got up, had a bottle, and spent the rest of the visit trying her best to interact with her family.
Mika was nice and alert for the latter part of the visit and loved checking out the new faces. She seemed especially taken with her Auntie Janis, now dubbed Mika's 'favorite' Aunt.
Her Grandpa (Papa?) said that Mika looks just like her Daddy did when he was a wee one.

Some things that I learned:

Mika's big size is certainly inherited from her Daddy's paternal side. Papa Cunningham was 12+ pounds at birth!! Mika's Aunties were all over 8lbs at birth too.

I should be prepared for early mobility. 9 months seems to be the average age for walking when your veins course with Cunningham blood. Her Daddy walked at 9 months. Frightening as that prospect is, it would be nice to still be on leave and witness Mika's first steps rather than potentially hear about it from a Dayhome owner, Daycare worker, or anyone else, for that matter.

Auntie Janis has some dance competitions coming up in the next few weekends here in Edmonton, so hopefully we can see them all again soon!

Mika's cousin Madison seemed more interested in the cats than Mika. The cats sincerely appreciated that as they have been left out a bit since Mika's arrival. Maddie happens to love cats, but can't have one of her own due to some of her family's allergies.
I don't blame Maddie at all for being not as interested in Mika as the rest of the family was. She's been the only grandchild for 6+ years and might not be so keen on sharing the spotlight. If that is the case, Maddie handled herself exceptionally well. Though, she just may have not had any interest in being around a baby period. Its not like Mika does much more than stare and fart right now. I can understand that it may seem strange to a girl Madison's age that people marvel over a baby being able to lift its head.
I just love that kid...anyway, Maddie, you'll always be the first and therefore #1 grandkid, so no worries mate!

Thanks Auntie Dawn and Cousin Maddie!

Thank you very much for the super cute outfit! Love the spiral pattern sewn onto the front. We're freaks for spiral patterns in this house.

Happy Birthday Auntie Shawndee!

Auntie Shawndee has a birthday today. Next year she will be 30!!!!! Time to have a baby, Shawndee!! ;-)

We're going to try and head over to see the Sherman family today, providing Serena isn't sicker than a dog still. Papa Sherman has recovered well...

My suggestion was to just lock Serena in one of the sheds outside while we visit...Papa Sherman thought it was a good idea too. :)

Also going to head to G's and get in one more afternoon visit before Daddy goes back to work tomorrow. well...we're going to try. Daddy was up at, oh I think sometime around 7AM. I was up 8:20 or so...Mika? Well...she got up with Daddy, had a feed, and has been sleeping ever since. Its already after 10AM....

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Day 15

Another day passed. Mika was up feeding every two hours last night. I brought her into bed to nurse, but put her back into the bassinet each time instead of letting her sleep with us. It pains the old csection wound a bit to be sitting on the edge of the bed and lifting her in and out of the bassinet. Tonight, I have to remember to stand up to haul her heavy butt in and out. I'm not ready to stop nursing her in bed though. Its just too comfortable for both of us. Feeding her in the glider chair causes me some back and neck pain that I can really do without, plus she ends up resting on the wound usually unless its one of the rare times that I can get her to latch well in the football hold. I must say that I missed having that warm little bundle beside me in bed all night. After all my talk about how I would never do the co-sleeping thing, here I am missing her in my bed at night. I am such a sucker. I'll need therapy when she passes the one month old mark and we put her into her crib in her room for the night. I'll probably cry for a week or something.

Mika, Daddy and I walked to the mall today and did some shopping. Well...her Daddy and I walked, the Mikanator was strolled. Mika really sleeps well in the din of the mall. When we go into an elevator or leave the mall, she stirs and wakes a little as though the relative silence annoys her or something. Her Daddy bought me a few nursing shirts, we picked up snails for the Betta tank ( free snails! woohoo!), some drugstore items, and more milk, fruits, veggies, and meat from T&T. All set now.

The Shermans were hoping to have us over today to celebrate Auntie Shawndee's birthday (March 6), but Papa Sherman and Auntie Serena are sick. Of course, Mom Sherman had been prepared for a big feast and visit and we wrecked it on her! Auntie Fran and Cousin Zoey were going to be there as well to meet Mika.
In about an hour or so, Mika's Grandpa and Grandma Cunningham and Auntie Janis will be by to meet her. They came down from High Prairie this weekend because Auntie Janis was in Aboriginal Idol..and also to meet Mika!

One more day and Daddy goes back to work...

Friday, March 04, 2005

Two Weeks Old

Mika is two weeks old today. All I can say is that I am really smeggin' tired and my nipples burn like hell. Nice as it is to nurse her while laying down and snoozing, I think I need to stop it. She just stays on for hours and that may be contributing to the whole burning pain thing...

Anyway, Happy Two Weeks Mika!

Thanks AADAC!

For having a Baby Pool and giving Mika the cash.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day 13

Mika had a busy day today. She went on her first bus ride. We all went downtown to AADAC so that she could visit all of the people at her Daddy's work. It was a full day event! Mika seems to love being the centre of attention and behaved herself quite well. We toured the building for at least two hours.

Mika also seems to enjoy bus rides. She slept on the way there and back.

I think she has eaten twice her birth weight today...this kid just won't stop!

Oh yeah..she lost her umbilical cord stump last night...finally!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thanks Auntie Cheryl!

Thanks to Auntie Cheryl for the wonderful handmade blanket!

Now Mika has a fancy new blanket for travelling around...good for covering the entire car seat as its nice and breathable, but will block out sun. Yay Auntie Cheryl!

Day 12

Another decent day has almost come to an end. I was up feeding Mika quite a few times, but thankfully Daddy took the 7Am feeding and let me sleep. All three of us slept well from 7ish to shortly after 10 this morning. Daddy and Mika looked way too cute this morning: He on his left side, she on her right, both under the same blanket sleeping happily.
We went to both FPB and Acrodex and visited with everyone. Mika was nice and awake when we were at Acrodex, but had a feed on the way to FPB and slept through her visit there. It was nice that she wasn't screaming, but would have been better had she been awake. Ah well..we can always go back again soon. She hung out in her swing and dozed on and off when we got home which allowed us time to catch up on things like dishes, taking out the recycling, laundry, etc. Her daily load of diapers is drying as I type. Nice that the load will be dry and done before 10PM tonight. Mika's Nana is stopping by for a visit soon, so the kettle is warmed and brownies are in the oven. We'll be going downtown for visits tomorrow which means lots of walking which means I can eat a brownie tonight!

Nana is here! Gotta go...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Pretty Good Day

Day 11 of Mika's life went pretty darn good. Her Dad got up with her in the wee hours and couldn't get back to sleep. He took Mika downstairs and let my cat into the room. Scooter and I slept in til past 10 AM!!!! Aside from with her Daddy this morning, Mika has not had any formula at all today.
She went for a visit to her great great granny's again and was a little angel. She had a room full of nurses ooh-ing and ah-ing and marveling at her as she slept peacefully on top of her G. Then we went over to the second hand store to look for nursing shirts...but it was a bust (hahaha - I'm so punny). Mika got 2 dresses and a new hat. She has something to wear for easter now. She needed a change prior to going into VV. It was quite the challenge changing her in the front seat of the car, but we made it. Also nursed her there for a bit because I really had no other choice. When she wants to eat, she wants to eat immediately. From there we went to ToysRUs and used the remainder of the amount on her gift card from FPB to pick up a swing. Mika is now the proud owner of a fancy portable aquarium swing. She nursed 3 different times in the toy store too, but at least the have a room for that with a comfy glider rocker and magazines to read...

Mika is sleeping happily in her Gymini now that she's home. Daddy has to go get batteries for her swing then we'll see how she likes it...