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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Better looking

I feel like we won the preschool lottery with Declan's school. The teachers are phenomenal in every way, awesome parents, great facility. Declan loves going and has nothing even remotely resembling separation anxiety. The kids are all quite fond of each other and it's sick cute to watch them - I went on a field trip with close to 60 preschoolers and there were zero issues - yay for gentle loving environments?

Declan's teacher told Danny a story when he picked up the boy from school yesterday. Apparently one of the little girls who has taken a keen interest in Declan was overheard twice that day saying "Oh Declan, you just get better looking every time I see you!" as she cups his chin in her hand. The report suggested that Declan loves every minute of it. Ah, four year olds. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Age seg

"Even though she can't play on the 1/2 Field with me, she still really loves me." - Mika talking about her friend in grade 3, Angie.

Mika brought home a letter today written by her friend Angie that reads:

Dear Mika

You are the best girl ever because you are nice and kind.

Love: Angie

- So strange to me that the girls are in the same classroom, a 2/3 Combined class, but have no green space on which to play together at recess/lunch break due to age segregation. Methinks this should be revised considering the combined classes, no? The kids have an all ages tarmac they can use, but its not big enough to run around on, IMHO.