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Monday, December 31, 2007

no cap yet

working on a Christmas/Year End post, but in the meantime I just had to say how happy I am after talking to the director of the infant room at the kids' daycare. She's more than willing and happy to accommodate Declan's different needs - he'll have a cot instead of a crib and they will gently help him adjust to drinking milk from a cup instead of using bottles in Mama's absence. He has no milk allergies, so I think it will be OK for him to go to cow or soy milk instead of formula. I'll be spending the first week or so there with him. Not sure exactly yet - maybe spend the whole day with him for the first week, half days the second, and then he'll be on his own with Mika in the next room for support, if he needs it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mika yum!

Mika yum!
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We had a good time hanging out at Grandma Jude's on Boxing Day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

tiny dancer

I just pre-registered Mika for her first ballet lessons starting next month. She's going to be so excited! Every single day she asks me if I found a ballet school yet. I finally came across this place which sounds perfectly suited to her. I was worried that I'd run into age issues because she's not quite three, but it sounds like no problem. If it comes up, I can counter with "she's toilet trained and knows some foot and arm positions, plies, and arabesques - COME ON!"


More about xmas mayhem later - Declan has a top left molar! I just noticed it the other day.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a lovely visit with the kids' Ur-Oma on Saturday - Declan slept on her lap almost the entire time - we brought her a fresh bakery-made stollen - Mika showed off some ballet moves. What more could an Oma ask for, really?
Yesterday we hit the Shermans place. It was an awesome visit, but too short - the kids had not napped and we hit the 4:30 meltdown wall.
Today we're off to Daddy's bro's house for xmas eve with the Reid/Altmann clan...Mika is excited. She and Daddy are currently making a gingerbread house...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big Girl

Mika wore panties all day yesterday without accidents. A first! She has had plenty of accident-free days, but was still in training pants. Looks like Declan will be sporting some pink dragon pullups because I don't think Mika needs them anymore. Yay Mika!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hockey Season

You can tell it's hockey season around here.

While driving past the senior's centre the other night, a fire truck and ambulance were in the driveway:

Mika: "Look Daddy! A firetruck...and a Zamboni!"


Declan just took two full-on unassisted steps before he dove into the makeshift ballpit that we have in the living room right now.


Mika's first pair of 'real' ballet slippers arrived today. She is SO thrilled. I found a nice danskin leotard at a 2nd hand shop in size 4 - I thought it would be way too big, but it fits quite well. It's like new too - I bought it as a play item, but will do for lessons too.
My knee is killing me because she made me practise her pas des chats move (or whatever its called - all I know is my heavy and not light-footed self should not be doing these moves!)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

xmas a go go

Firstly, Declan is a terror. He's getting closer and closer to walking - he jumps without holding on and bails a lot - he power crawls up and around and over and through - unstoppable. Ach, his crawling sounds like a 250lb man stomping down the hall. We use large-ish kids toys and totes to block access to areas and drawers/cupboards as well as the baby gate from the hall to the stair area. Kitchen chairs get moved all over preventing access as required. He shrieks like a banshee when he doesn't get his way and has to have everything that his sister does. Diaper changes are near impossible without Mika's help. He eats as much as a full grown person - easily doubles Mika's intake per day. It's wild. Dex is still a pretty happy go lucky guy as long as he is allowed to explore and destroy at will. He babbles constantly and often sounds very commanding. He knows to stop what he's doing when I say his name a certain way.

Mika is more or less toilet trained! Now to find ballet lessons for her. The ONLY reason she is trained is the promise of ballet school. She practices every day and knows quite a few little moves and positions already. She is very serious about this - all day every day she talks ballet. Being a February baby, she misses the January cutoff for the local schools with the "3 and toilet trained" requirement. I don't think she can wait for the September intake. I'm hoping that I just haven't looked hard enough to find somewhere that can take her in the spring.

Mika had a nap-free weekend of fun starting with spending half of Saturday at the mall with her cousins. She played mini golf for the first time, went on the train and carousel, and spent a good hour and a half in the playpark. Declan went mad for the ball pool - I think he had the best time he's ever had in his life in there. He just freaked when I finally pulled him out. I may have to put a kiddie pool full of balls in the basement for him now and again. Mika was happy to stick to her cousin Jackson all day - she adores him and he digs his big cousin role. The literal icing on the cake, the talk of all last week, was Saoirse's 3rd Birthday party this afternoon. We met up at Crankpots, a ceramics studio on Whyte, where the kids picked pieces to paint, had some pizza, and generally had a good time for a couple of hours. The girls all chose jewelery boxes - Saoirse and Caelen picked gift shaped ones, Adia a flower, and Mika went for one with a tree frog on the top. (I'm not sure if I spelled all those names correctly). We pick them up next week when they're fired and glazed. Declan got a couple of hugs and a number of kisses from Saoirse and he was in his glory. The boy loves kisses. We have the fortunate luck of attending parties where the kids seem to get along and tantrums are few and far between - knock on wood.

Anyway, Mika is going around with her little head just spinning lately with all the seasonal activity. We do some kind of festive thing, whether it be craft or baking daily it seems. She's already decided that we're making gingerbread men tomorrow. We have another house to do too. And some gift wrapping - she painted lunch bags for me to use. Oi. We're having an afternoon playdate with the boys and possibly dinner too at Nana's this week as well as potentially a couple of other playdates - then its 5 solid days of heading out for visits/dinners starting on Saturday. This is another big topic for Mika - she asks about where we are going and when and does she have to go to daycare afterwards. We've been telling her that I have to go back to work after Christmas and that she and Declan will be in daycare. Speaking of which, I've been trying to get Declan to drink from something other than me and it's going so-so. He can drink from bottles and cups, but doesn't seem to grasp the purpose of it other than fun. He spills most out of his mouth, whether its milk, water, or juice/water. It's a source of much anxiety to me wondering how this guy is going to get along all day without his boobjuice and bed. He can't seem to deal with a crib - still needs to be bounced in his carrier or nursed to sleep. Not a daycare lifestyle kind of guy. At least Mika will be there too - but it's a small consolation.

Monday, December 10, 2007


When we play Ballerinas vs. Ninjas, which happens daily, Mika's name is Mika, but Declan is called Declinian Master. Only when he is a ninja though. Do I even need to mention that Mika is always a ballerina? She does attempt karate, but ninjas don't do karate, they just do ninja moves. karate chicks do karate moves. So I am told, anyway.

Ninjas usually win.

We made a gingerbread house today. Woohoo!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy 10-Month Birthday, Declan!

The boyo is going like mad. He stood on his own on Tuesday and took 2 unassisted steps! Since then, he's been practicing his balance by letting go of whatever he's pulled himself up on. Declan's vocab is up to Dada, Mama, Nana (thanks to weekly visits), Na (Mika), and he tries to say new things all the time. It's just variations of Da, Dada, Ma, Mama, Na, nana (get the picture?), but he is trying.
The boy is a climber. Mika was not. Declan is up and over almost any obstacle we put in his path. He whips things around a lot too. Like Mika's fold out couch thing - he turns it upside down into a fort-like structure and then scales it.

I'm being hailed for craft time - just glad that I remembered to get his 10-month post in on time...

* Declan is really into waving Hello/Goodbye and clapping too. In addition to his How Big is Declan? SO BIG routine...I adore how he looks at his hands with such surprise each time, like "Dudes? Did you see what my hands just did? SERIOUSLY!" He also opens cupboards and drawers all the time and helps himself to the contents.