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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Mika had her ballet recital today. Nana, Baba, and Grandpa Ted all came out to watch. Mika refused to participate. She sulked in a corner instead. Some lovely pictures will be posted to flickr later showing Mika pouting beside a garbage can. W00t!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20, 2008

Mika's first request to have her hair coloured - you guessed it - pink!

Request approval pending on her willingness to have her hair trimmed...

5 mins

Er, more like about 45 seconds to post until Declan unsafely climbs something and needs me to get him back down. The boy has officially grabbed the title Terror of Tinytown from his sister. Nothing new - just more of the same - faster, bigger, better kind of thing. The world is his playground. Climb, run, jump, dance. Declan says No, Na (Mika), Mama, Dada, Banana, Nana, Bubble, Bottle, Cookie, Juice, Boob, Kookum, Baba, Look at it, and, er, well that might be about it. Mika is into saying things like "How's my hair? Do you like my outfit, Daddy? NO, I DON'T WANT A HAIRCUT!!! Sammi is my boyfriend, but Darrian wants to be my boyfriend too, I'm a Princess, I'm Cinderella, and on and on..." Her white summer sandals have a slight heel to them - she loves them more than anything. Ah nuts - post cut short...more later?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Mik learned to catch a football yesterday! Surely that's worthy of a quick post...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We had Brighid and Saoirse over on Saturday afternoon while their Mama got some stuff done. It was like having two sets of twins because her kids and mine are so close in age. Thank the stars Nana came over and helped. Both girls behaved really well with Mama gone. Saoirse was mildly concerned about her Mom leaving, Brigh was totally relaxed. About everything. I've never met such an easy-going toddler in my life.

Despite the chilly weather, we hauled the kids off to the playground for awhile - it was Mika and Declan's first time this year - perhaps Brighid's first time since she started walking. Decky loved exploring, as did Brighid. Both the wee ones were wild about the slide. Brighid giggled like mad when I put her in the swing - SO CUTE!
Mika and Saoirse were classic little girls running and laughing and playing bizarre secret made-up-on-the-spot games and delighting Nana with it all. There was a single point of conflict between the girls at the playground involving who was to climb up a tower first and another single incident back at the house involving something so minor that it has slipped my mind completely. By the time this second tiff occurred, both girls were pretty wiped. When Kris picked up the kids at around 5:30, Mika looked like she was about to drop off on the spot.

Brighid is physically smaller than Declan, but somehow she totally keeps him in check. Not even Mika can make that claim.

While playing with their babies, Mika and Saoirse sat down on the kids couch together and nursed them. I think they also said they were waiting for a bus at the same time.

Saoirse babies Declan like mad. She was pretty aloof about her own sister, but was carefully helping Declan at the playground - Saoirse is actually strong enough to pick him up and haul him around. She stopped mid play just to give him hugs and kisses, delighting Declan to no end. She shared nicely with him and never played rough - without needing to be told so.

Mika and Saoirse are only 3 years old and already having body talks in the bathroom. I was supervising the pre-playground potty visit - one kid on the toilet, one on the potty. The conversation went something like this:

M: are you going to poo and pee?
S: no, just pee.
M: yeah, me too.
S: if we wanna go to the playground, we have to put good things in our body first.
M: yeah. i like broccoli. do you like broccoli?
S: broccoli!
M: hey! do you like Sammi?

..and it went down from there.