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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Key to Declan Translation

Manna-mn - Spiderman
Bic-yd-ig-n-dign-dign - Backyardigans
Pabbo - Pablo
Bbbbbbrrrrrr - Blue
Ed - Red
Een - Green
Rellow - Yellow
Bbbbbboooooo - Balloon
Dowa (Dora) - Mika
(Declan STILL has yet to say the word "Mika" - he refers to her only as Dora.)
Sch-OO - shoe
Boo-T - Boot
Boo-P - Boob
We Buk - Read me a book
Ticka - Tickle
Wockey - Hockey
Wockey Stit - Hockey Stick
Wockey Paya - Hockey Player
Skit - Skate
Cooie - Scooter (the cat)
Pittapitta - Spartacus (the other cat)
KEEE! - Kitty
kook-ook - Cookie
Cacka - Cracker
Ta doe - Thank You
Da doe - Grandpa
NO! - Snow
NO! - No
NO! - I'm going to kick you
NO! - I'm going to slap you
NO! - The food and/or drink hit the floor in T minus 5, 4...
NO! - Leave me alone - I'm playing/watching hockey.
NO! - I don't need to wear pants

New fun in Declan's world: stripping down to the birthday suit before going to wake the 'rents. Show up at their bedroom door in the nude demanding hockey.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i'll just put the lid back on and everything's cool, right?

naptime chez moi.

Declan has hit the terrible twos big time. He requires constant supervision at all times - even while he naps apparently! He screams, he punches, he hits, he kicks - he demands his own way all the time. He only gets things his way SOME of the time, so we hear a lot of tantrums lately. Everything is cause for a freakout with this kid. For example - this morning he demanded to sit in the spot that his sister had chosen. After a mini battle, she gave up her seat because it wasn't worth the fight. Then he wanted the bowl that she had chosen for her cereal. And the spoon. And the cup of milk. We're talking like 6 freak outs before 8:30 AM (if you include the kids' fight over whether to watch TV while i got breakfast ready and then the fight about what to watch)


Saturday, January 10, 2009

first skate!

We finally got Declan on both skates and ice today. He did really well considering the dull blades.
We went to BJ's in St. Albert last night to find skates - they had none in his size. As we were leaving the parking lot, I noticed a Salvation Army store in the next mall over. I ran in to look for a one-piece snowsuit for Mika (she's been begging for one and we're not into slapping down the $89 at MEC this late in the season.) and found skates in Deckly's size instead. w00t! $5.99 skates! Danny cleaned up the blades and they were good to go - aside from the dullness. We went out to Hawrelak Park this afternoon and had a blast. The boys' skates need sharpening, but they were too eager to get out there to wait in the rental/sharpening line. Silly boys.
Mika loves that she can skate by herself without holding on to anyone - or anything. Her big move today was twirling. The kid is far too cute, I tells ya.
Declan did OK too - not quite up to gliding on his own, but what can you expect for a first timer wearing dull skates on bumpy ice? I was impressed that he could even walk in skates.
Tomorrow we're going to visit Danny's Oma and then it sounds like getting skates sharpened and going skating again. While it snows this time. Oi.