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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now I'm Sick Too...

Ugh...woke up feeling like death. Whatever Mika has, she's passed it on to me. Need to sever my head for awhile. Mika's tubeless ear had leaked quite a bit during the night - makes for a fun morning trying to clean her up. Many "No, Mama, No!"'s are yelled.
I have no idea if I should be concerned about coming down with whatever I have and the baby. I mean - he' survived so much already, is a cold/flu going to make a difference? Might give my Doc fuel for the old csection again though - bleh. I think I'm going to go back to bed and think about all of this later.

Monday, January 29, 2007

She's sick - I'm tired

Mika is sick again. Daddy ended up taking the day off to haul Mika into a medicentre and over to the pharmacy for her meds. And also to deal with her nasty non-napping self as Mama is currently unable to handle the spazzing mad toddler episodes that *always* happen when Mika is ill. She just gets too physical for me to deal with. The doc couldn't say exactly what was bringing her down, but prescribed antibiotics anyway due to the recent pneumonia thing.

No I have not had the baby yet. No I do not show any signs of having a baby soon. Mild, very irregular contractions at best. Hoping my words will jinx me or something.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Forgot to mention that Mika has been singing 'Happy Birthday" a lot lately. We've taught her to respond to age inquiries with a resounding "Two!", but she holds up 5 fingers when she says it. S'all good.

She also started calling me Marina this morning. She often says Danny instead of Daddy - an innocent mistake, but Daddy figured it was time for Mika to learn our real names. So...every now and again I am Marina instead of Mama. Thanks Daddy.

Mika is also loving the word "Mine!" - er, more like "NO MINE!!!" Everything is hers. Everything.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Mika's Three New Fave Things To Say:

1. "I can do it 'self." with one or the other following: "No help!" - "Nooooo...Mika do it!" - She insists on putting her own shirt, boots/shoes, hat, and coat. Shows no interest in attempting to put on either socks or pants. Can often be a struggle with her yelling: "No pants, Mama, no socks." and removing the offending articles as fast as I can put them on her. Mika chooses her own cups, bowls, plates, and bottles out of her own drawer in the island. The gods help ye if ye dare suggest anything yourself or worse, choose something without consulting her.
This 'I can do it.." has been a common thing for her to say for awhile, but lately both the frequency and intensity have increased. About a million fold.

2. "I DID it!!" - Mika is very proud of her accomplishments. This morning, she successfully got her big pink boots on by herself. The pride and joy in her voice as she repeatedly exclaimed "I DID it!, I DID it!" was awesome. The boots were on the wrong feet, but no one was about to burst the kid's bubble. She went to daycare with her boots on the wrong feet. But she DID it!

3. "Where are you, Daddy/Mama/Scooter/Spartacus?" - It's like some new form of peek-a-boo that Mika's made up or picked up from daycare or *something*. While she uses the question appropriately, she also likes to ask it just to yell out "There's !" or "RIGHT THERE!" and giggle like a maniac. It's a pretty fun game, actually...

More nothing...

Doc is on about csections big time now. Claims baby is too big for me for sure. Ugh. I refused to schedule a csection. I called and made a regular checkup for next week, after the due date(s) and will leave it at that for now. If all goes well, I won't be needing the appointment anyway.

Mika woke for no apparent reason last night at around 10:30. She was up for at least an hour (I think) before Daddy put her back into her crib. Mika actually lay down in bed with me for quite a while. She fell asleep a couple of times, but very lightly - kept waking up and demanding more hand massages. (Yes, I massage her hands - she seems to find it relaxing - as a princess should, I suppose.) Eventually her restlessness got the best of her and she ventured out to the living room to see if Daddy would put one of his 'hats' (bandana) on her head - bad move on her part. Daddy put her back to bed pronto and after a few heart-wrenching wails, she was passed out cold. Mika has done many other funny and wonderful things throughout the week, but this is all I can currently think of. Oh, and that her new shoes give her blisters on her ankles. Lovely.

Back hurts, head hurts, grumpy, tired. going to nap. looking forward to Mika waking me with shrieks and giggles in a few hours.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Still nothing...

Despite a few mighty powerful nighttime contractions, nothing is happening in terms of this baby emerging into the outside world. Doc can feel Declan's head, but there's no real softening or dilation yet. On Monday's visit to the doc, he started out by telling me all about a successful VBAC delivery that he helped with over the weekend. I thought "Wow...some positive encouragement!" until he looked at me and my belly and said "but don't you try to be a hero, Marina. You're small and your baby is big." Meh. Hero?? I don't want to save my unborn child from a burning building, I just want to deliver him. Doc talked about cervical catheters instead of drug-based induction methods. I don't want either! If anything, I want to run away and hide and deliver all by myself. Naked. In the forest. On a bed of moss. Under a big spruce tree or something.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


My mat leave started this week. Declan has dropped - waddling is becoming increasingly more difficult. After 8.5 months of VBAC encouragement from the ob/gyn, now he's humming and hawing about how reasonable he thinks it is for me to try. Unless I feel that something is seriously going wrong, I'll carry on with my plan to deliver as naturally as possible, though.

Mika is still attending daycare - and will be until the end of February. Starting in March, we'll only keep her in two days per week. At least that is our official plan.

Mika has been doing really well lately. Her vocabulary continues to grow, her counting is coming along really well too. She more or less can count to ten - she just leaves out the number two. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Everything is a need with Mika. She doesn't want milk, she needs it. She also likes to play her own version of I Spy. She'll ask one of us where something is and if we do not spot it within 4 seconds, she points to whatever it is and yells "RIGHT THERE!!" and laughs at our lack of observation skills. She laughs a lot lately, now that I think about it - a real giggle machine. Puppies, kitties, and hockey are still her three favorite things after Daddy. Daddy is always #1. Favorite activity is jumping - jumping off the ikea lounger, jumping off the armchair in the basement, jumping on our bed, jumping in her crib, jumping on the couch, jumping across the floor - anything to do with jumping.

We've had no major illnesses since the xmas pneumonia episode. Mika came home with a nasty viral looking rash on her back yesterday, but it was gone as of this morning. Of course, she was quite snot filled this morning, so who knows. I've given up - I expect Mika to be perpetually down with *something*.

Mika was buck naked when I went to get her out of her room this morning. I could hear her jumping and calling for Daddy. I opened the door and was greeted by a snot-faced, naked, grinning, and bouncing toddler. She kindly pointed out her diaper and PJ's and continued to jump with all her might. After convincing her to come out of her crib, she refused to wear any diaper except for her black minkee cloth one. This posed a slight problem because she also was demanding to wear jeans - her current selections do not fit well over a cloth diaper. She finally agreed on black fuzzy pants.

Mika has had a few fun visits with her cousins this month. Alice and Jamie were at Baba's for Ukrainian Xmas and the three girls had a blast - once Mika got used to the girls, that is. Jamie taught Mika a new way to stick out her tongue! They had a fancy tea party too...and, of course, did much running and jumping around. With shrieks and giggles!
Cousins Jackson and Lucas (and their 'rents) are staying at Nana's until their new house is done at the end of the month. As such, Mika has had a couple of visits with them too...she just loves her older cousin Jackson. She digs Lucas too, but the charm of older kids is too much for Mika to resist. Anyway, she and the boys run and jump and dance and play with trains - she even had a bath at Nana's with Lucas and he showed her how to splash almost the entire tub of water onto the floor - she was impressed to say the least! Nana made each of them tickle trunks with hats and other costumes - Mika can now dress up as the bee girl from the Blind Melon video, a sorceress, a pink princess, Mary Poppins (ok, well, she got a new umbrella) and a few other things that I cannot recall just now.
Mika has also recently had brunch with Auntie Jenn and Uncle Lucas a couple of times. We went over to their place so Mika could visit with Cody and the kitties - Malcolm was the only one who came around for pets though. Mika got to see the creepy creatures in Lucas and Jenn's 75 gallon saltwater tank. A gobi, a few clown fish, and then creepy corals and shrimp and other things - like anemone. We also went to PetSmart together on adoption day - Mika's head was spinning around with excitement over the many kitties and puppies and fish. I could tell it was overwhelming her when she went into the kitty adoption room and just started twirling and jumping until she dropped to the ground with a huge smile on her face - as if to say "I can now die happy - surrounded by more animals than I have ever seen concentrated in one place" Mama wrecked the experience by freaking out about Mika lying on the cat adoption room floor - gross. Mama's no fun. :-)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mika practicing with Dad for a new baby brother!