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Monday, June 28, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of school already! What a year, what a year. Fantastic, all of it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is Declan sporting his Dave Seville/Luke Skywalker costume. He made his own lightsaber. Methinks Danny was letting Declan make all the search queries on youtube this morning while I was at the school's field day with Mika. He loves the lightsaber duel montages and the chipmunks.
It may be genetic. My brother and I had chipmunk and smurf albums - they were a damn sight better than my Mom's Joan Baez to me in those days. I know we had many, many homemade lightsabers too. One of the best things about Christmas was stocking up on those wrapping tubes.
There's no other boy in our 'hood who shares my son's fashion sense. He's a gem!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last stop?

Declan seems to be potty trained. Hunh? We've been talking about it with him since he was 18 months old, but he wasn't into it. Even when he was fully able to understand what we were talking about, Declan refused to attempt anything but going in diapers. He often asks when *he* is going to be able to go to dance, school, soccer, and hockey and I always tell him he has to be potty trained first.
A couple of weeks ago Declan was playing hockey downstairs where the kids also have a "house centre", including a small one-piece Ikea potty that they use for dolls and animals. As I did the dishes (sink is 4ft from the basement stairs) I noticed there was the dreaded silence coming from the basement. I checked it out and there he was, naked, sitting on the wee potty telling me he was "just waiting for my pee to come out because I'm potty trained now." and so it has been ever since. He had a couple of mishaps in the first couple of days. I was reluctant to take him out anywhere, but that broke down after a day or so. We've done morning jaunts to the library while Mika's at school, hit the playgrounds, soccer games, shopping, etc.. S'all good. Granted he pooped on our lawn and pees in bushes at the park, but whatever. He's *responsible* about it, at least. Also he's a boy. Also I'd rather clean up poop from a lawn than mushed in underwear.
The only drawback to this is Declan's expectations now that he is trained. He lines up with the other Kinders in the morning and expects to be able to attend class. He has a jersey and is attending the last two soccer games of the season as a player instead of assistant coach. He's looking forward to ballet in the fall. We shall see what options exist for hockey...